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1.Career Development

1. The Institute may provide opportunities for further career development of a staff member.

2. The annual performance evaluation shall consider the continuing employability of a staff member, prospective career development, any training required and the time span within which it will be achieved.

2.Performance Evaluation

  1. Results from performance evaluation shall be used for purposes of merit increase, contract renewal, and promotion.
  2. Performance evaluation shall be conducted openly and fairly by the supervisor and higher line authority. The results of the performance evaluation shall be disclosed to the evaluated person concerned, and he/she may request for clarifications from the evaluators.
  3. The overall distribution of staff members of each unit and the Institute as a whole shall follow a reasonable distribution among the following ratings: Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory.
  4. The amount of annual merit increase shall be allocated to each performance rating, and
  5. granted to a staff member based on his/her own performance.

3.Performance Evaluation Criteria
Staff work performance shall be evaluated annually by the supervisor and higher authority, using the following major criteria:

A. Achievement
B. Tasks, assignments, duties and responsibilities
C. Attendance, dependability and initiative
D. Possibility to excel and potential for career development.

4.Training and Development

  1. Courses, programs and plans for staff training and development shall be designed based on training needs assessment and surveys conducted accordingly.
  2. Training conducted by various units of the Institute shall constitute as the priority choice for staff training.
  3. External training may be considered as an option when deemed appropriate by the supervisor and when similar program is not available at the Institute.
  4. For any training courses or programs, the supervisor shall assess the relevance of the training to a staff member's work, its effect due to a staff member's absence from work, and benefits to the Institute.

5.In-House Training
AIT-organized training programs for the staff shall be organized on need basis and granted to a staff member with at least one year of continuous service, except when the training is deemed necessary where a particular staff member with less than one year of continuous service may be granted.

The in-house staff training courses shall be organized by the Human Resources Office in collaboration with the AIT Extension.

6.External Training on Request from a Staff Member

1. The Institute may provide fund to a staff member to attend an externally-organized training program if he/she has at least three years of service under the following conditions:

a. The content of the training program shall be appropriate to the level and nature of work of the requesting staff member.

b. The leave taken during the training shall not incur any adverse effect to the Institute.

c. A staff member shall continue to work with the Institute after the completion of training for the length of service of at least four times the number of months needed to recover the training expenses on the basis of the staff member's basic salary.

d. A staff member shall sign a promissory note prior to the start of training equal to the full costs of the training. The promissory note document will be cancelled upon completion of required length of service stated in item c. above.

2. The provision stated in Section 4.6.1 shall not apply in cases wherein the training is undertaken in the interest and on behalf of the Institute .

3. No request for external training shall be granted to a staff member who is still within the probation period .