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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Process FAQ

1.How may I submit my resume?

Once you have identified a position that matches your qualification, there are different ways to apply:

a. You can submit your application and resume in our on-line system. Please register online and complete the registration form. You must create your own user name and password, once completed, go back to the advertisement page and click "Apply Now" button.

b. You may submit your application by sending us your application and comprehensive 
   resume through email: hro-apply@ait.ac.th, although we prefer that you apply through     
  our online application system.

You may address your cover letter to the  Head, Human Resources Office, unless otherwise specified in the advertisement.

Once you have applied for a specific position, your resume will be included in the pool of applications to be submitted to the hiring unit for their evaluation. If you are shortlisted for the position, you will be contacted for further information about your application. We receive resumes from many qualified applicants and regret that we are not always able to update about the application status of the resume once it is forwarded to the hiring unit. Your resume will also be included in our pool of applications for future evaluation.

It is necessary to indicate the reference number to avoid confusion as to what position you are applying for. There are cases when there are two different units looking for the same position title but require different job responsibilities, to indicate the reference number will help us fit the resume to the specific position being applied for.

While we encourage applicants to apply for specific positions, you may submit an unsolicited resume. It will be included in our pool of applications for future consideration. You may be contacted by the hiring unit when there is a possible position that matches your qualification.

Once you have submitted a resume through our online application system, a one line notice that says" "Thank you, your application is successfully received. You will be notified by email on the progress of your application."  Should there be a problem in opening your file, you will also be notified citing the reason and will be asked to resubmit your resume. If you sent your resume through postal mail, you will also receive an email confirmation if an email address is supplied.

No. One resume submitted through on-line application system is sufficient. However, if you are applying for several positions, you need to click the "Apply Now" button for each positions.

While we encourage applicants to submit the application ahead of time, late submission of resume may not guarantee inclusion of the resume for screening and evaluation.

Once we received your application, you will be notified through email (if e-mail address is provided) that your material has been received. Please understand that the review process takes time. Consequently, only shortlisted candidates will be notified about the developments of their application.

Yes, you may contact our HR Coordinator, Ms. Maybel Belonio Diopenes at extension number (+66-2) 524-5019.

Yes, you may do so.

Yes. We update the job postings frequently. If a job listed on our web site, it is considered open. Please take note that some jobs take longer to fill than others and thus are open for a longer period of time.

All employment opportunities are posted at the Human Resources Web site, however, Human Resources Officer does not handle the selection for academic faculty or teaching positions. For submission of your resume, you may submit it directly to the office of the respective School Deans.

AIT is an international organization; we welcome applications from different nationals. However, there are positions that specifically require a Thai National.