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Harassment, Abuse & Discrimination

Harassment, Abuse & Discrimination

All staff members shall observe the following general policies, when on campus, at Institute outreach centers and at the venues of official Institute activities off-campus:

a. A staff member has a duty to help create and sustain an environment which is honest, fair and unprejudiced, founded on equality and respect for group and individual differences in an exceptionally multi-cultural community.

b. A staff member shall exercise academic freedom within the context of its academic programs, defined as the freedom to teach, study, discuss and publish without interference and with due regard for the feelings of other members of the community and to the laws, culture and conventions of the Institute's host country.

c. A staff member with academic or administrative supervisory authority, permanent or temporary, over others, shall use such authority with respect, sensitivity, and solely for the purposes stated or implied in Institute objectives and policies.

d. There should be no denial or granting of rights or privileges wholly or partly, on irrelevant grounds such as race, nationality, gender, creed, age, marital status, handicap, or physical characteristics.

e. A staff member who is found to have violated the Institute's policies on harassment, abuse or discrimination, will be subject to disciplinary action submitted for final authorization of the President, based on the disciplinary guidelines of other Institute regulations, policies, and procedures.


a. A staff member shall not conduct any sexual harassment act which includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical, oral or written conduct or visual manifestations of a sexual nature as a condition of education or employment.

b. A staff member shall not exert physical or psychological force over or bully other members of the community, including intimidation and invasion of privacy.

c. A staff member in supervisory position is obliged to professionally exert his/her authority to the best interest of the Institute without abusing it.

d. A staff member shall not discriminate in any form of action or speech to prejudicially penalize or favor any member of the Institute community with reference to any of his/her Institute opportunities, services, facilities, benefits or support, on the basis that includes but not limited to country, race, social background, gender, age, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, and handicap.


a. A staff member who has suffered from harassment, abuse, and/or discrimination shall file a complaint to his/her immediate supervisor who shall treat it with respect of confidentiality and privacy of individual reporting or accusing of any violation. The grievance procedure follows in the provisions in Chapter XI.

b. False accusations or false evidence offered in the remedial process may themselves be considered grounds for disciplinary action.