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Holidays & Leaves

Holidays & Leaves

Official Public Holidays | Official Public Holidays Procedure
General Leave Policies | Annual Leave | Leave for Military Service
Leave for Sterilization | Leave Without Pay | Maternity/Paternity Leave
Religious Leave | Sick Leave | Special Leave | Development Leave | Leave Rules

1. Official Public Holidays
The Institute shall designate in each year at least 13 official public holidays.

2. Official Public Holidays Procedure

2.1. The official public holidays shall be announced in advance each year.

2.2. If any official public holiday falls on either Saturday or Sunday, that public holiday shall be compensated by the next working day.

2.3. The official public holidays may be revised during the year if the Institute deems that any substitution or additional holiday is more appropriate.

3. General Leave Policies

3.1. All leave of absence, excluding the leave without pay, shall be granted with pay to a staff member with retention of his/her full remuneration and position.

3.2. A staff member taking any type of leave with pay shall retain his/her entitlements of welfare and benefits during the leave period. In case of leave without pay, no such entitlement will accrue.

4. Annual Leave

4.1. A staff member is entitled to two days annual leave per month of service.

4.2. Annual leave days shall be counted for each calendar year. In the year of end of employment, annual leave days shall be calculated proportionately. A staff member can use his/her entitled annual leave in the first year of employment only after completing his/her probation period, if any.

4.3. Annual leave may be accumulated up to 36 working days.

4.4. Upon termination of employment, extra payment may be allowed for accumulated annual leave not exceeding one-month salary.

5. Leave for Military Service

5.1. On receipt of an official order for military service, call for inspection, military training or preparatory test, a staff member is entitled to leave with pay of up to 60 days.

5.2. On completion of the military training, a staff member is required to report to the immediate supervisor with an official completion military service certificate. If a staff member does not report for duty within five (5) working days, his/her position may be declared vacant.

6. Leave for Sterilization
A staff member is entitled to take leave with pay for sterilization for a period as advised by a registered doctor.

7. Leave Without Pay
Requests for staff development leave or for annual, sick or maternity leave beyond entitlements may be approved as leave without pay, but will not be extended beyond the period of contract.

8. Maternity/Paternity Leave

8.1. A staff member shall be entitled to maternity leave with full pay up to the maximum of 45 days. If it is necessary for a staff member to continue her maternity leave, the additional leave of up to 45 days shall be charged to annual leave and leave without pay, respectively.

8.2. A staff member, whose legal wife is giving birth, is entitled to child-birth leave with full pay up to five (5) working days. This leave is additional to his other leave entitlements. If his wife is an AIT employee, he has to prove that the number of days of his wife's maternity leave entitlement has been used, he then can take child-birth leave for the difference up to a maximum of 45 days.

9. Religious Leave

9.1. A staff member with more than three years of continuous service may be granted religious leave. The leave will be charged to accrued annual leave. If that entitlement is insufficient, additional leave up to 90 days on half-pay basis may be granted.

9.2. To apply for religious leave, a staff member must submit a certificate or certified document from the monastery or other religious authority concerned. Prior approval from the immediate supervisor and endorsement from the Human Resources Office are also required.

9.3. The religious leave shall be granted once only during a staff member's service with the Institute and subject to work requirements.

10. Sick Leave

10.1. All staff members are entitled to 30 days of sick leave with pay per year as from the beginning of their employment. Sick leave days shall be counted on calendar year basis. In the year of employment or service termination, sick leave days shall be calculated proportionately.

10.2. No payment in lieu of unused sick leave is allowed.

10.3. If a staff member is absent for three consecutive working days or more, a medical certificate from a registered medical doctor is required. In case a staff member cannot provide a medical certificate as required, a staff member shall have to give a clear explanation to his/her immediate supervisor. Failure to do so, he/she may be considered as having deserted his/her duty and subject to disciplinary action.

10.4. A staff member who takes sick leave shall notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible and shall submit the leave request to his/her supervisor on the first day of his/her return to work for approval.

11. Special Leave

11.1 Staff members who are required to work on any statutory holiday by order of the unit head or line of authorities shall receive one (1) additional day to their annual leave entitlement.

11.2. In any case, the maximum accrued days of annual leave and special leave shall be up to 36 working days as described in Article 7.4.3.

11.3 A staff member who received an additional day of special leave must inform the Human Resources Office.

11.4. A staff member who is eligible for overtime payment shall not be entitled to the Special Leave.

12. Development Leave
Requests of a staff member to take official leave for professional development, study or training will be decided and authorized by his/her supervisor and the line authority, each on its own merits.

13. Leave Rules

13.1. A staff member shall submit in advance a completed respective leave form or a letter requesting for an approval. The leave shall be taken only after the leave has been approved from the respective highest authority. Exception is allowed in case of emergency, or that a staff member is unable at his/her fullest attempt to notify his/her supervisor. In such a case, a staff member shall request for an approval of the leave taken immediately upon the first possible opportunity.

13.2. If a prior approval is not obtained, the absence shall be considered as leave without pay. In a case of an obvious violation, a staff member shall be subject to disciplinary action.