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Termination of Employment

Termination of Employment


1. In exceptional circumstances, the Institute reserves the right to terminate an appointment during the contract period. A staff member shall be given six calendar months in advance a notice of the termination, or compensation equivalent to six-month salary pay in lieu of notice at the choice of the Institute, unless such notice may otherwise be stipulated in his/her letter of appointment.  

2. A staff member intending to leave before the end of his/her current period of appointment shall give a notice to the appropriate Institute officer at least six calendar months in advance, unless otherwise specified in the letter of appointment. The leave will be effective only with the approval of the Institute. In consideration of the welfare of students and of the Institute, a staff member may not be allowed to resign voluntarily from his/her appointment during an academic term.

3. A staff member who wishes to resign from his/her post before he/she fulfils the appointed period of service in his/her first appointment, shall not be entitled to the normally applicable resettlement or travel grant. If the resignation occur during the second or subsequent appointment, the member may receive the normally applicable resettlement and travel grant, provided due notice is given to the Institute.

4. The employment can be terminated in any of the following cases:

a. Termination without cause.

b. Termination in the case of serious infringement as described in Chapter X.

c. Termination in the case of the resignation of a staff member.

d. Termination in the case of a staff member having reached his/her end of employment age.

e. Termination in the case of the death of a staff member.

f. Termination at the end of an employment contract.

g. Ill health, on the recommendation of the Institute's Medical Officer.

h. Retrenchment due to change in job classification or reorganization by advance

notice in writing according to individual employment contract.