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Working Days & Working Hours

Working Days & Working Hours

Working Days | Working Hours | Flexible Working Hours Scheme

1. Working Days
The normal working days of the Institute are Monday to Friday for staff in general, and Monday to Saturday for some groups of staff, official holidays excluded.

2. Working Hours


2.1 The working hours for all types of work not including the rest time in each working day generally shall be seven hours , except for work using professional, technical, and/or management knowledge, or work or assignment which requires no interruption due to its nature and condition.

2.2. The lunch break for the staff is not more than one hour during 11.00 hours to 14.00 hours.

2.3 A staff member is obliged to follow the schedule of working hours assigned to him/her by the Institute, in which the hours of work and rest time are specified.  

3. Flexible Working Hours Scheme
To absorb fluctuations in workload, to provide effective and efficient services to students, to maximize the utilization of facilities, and to accommodate individual life styles of the staff, the Institute deems it appropriate to implement the Flexible Working Hours Scheme with the following conditions:


3.1. A staff member who will be scheduled for flexible working hours would require endorsement and approval by his/her supervisor and the line authority.

3.2. The average of 40 or 48 hours per week shall be implemented respectively in 5 or 6 consecutive working days, based on the type of work, within the opening hours of the Institute specified in item d. below.

3.3. The nature of work determines which unit is able to apply the flexible working hours for its workforce, and the unit head is confident that no adverse effect to the quality of work, services, and coordination will be incurred.

3.4 The opening hours of the Institute shall be from 7:30 hours to 16:30 hours. However, the opening hours of some units may be longer and different from these hours including Saturday and Sunday.