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Student Graduation

    •  Degree Titles
    •  Degree Requirements
Updated: 5 July 2016
        1.1 The Doctoral degrees awarded by AIT are the Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Science, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration, all without further designation. Their abbreviations are D.Eng., D.Tech.Sc., Ph.D., and D.B.A. respectively.  
        1.2 The degrees of Master awarded by AIT are the degrees of Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Master of Agribusiness Management, Master of Business Administration, and the Executive Master Degree all without further designation; their abbreviations are M.Eng., M.Sc., M.A.B.M., M.B.A. and M.Eng.(Executive) / M.Sc.(Executive)/ M.B.A.(Executive) respectively. The one-year Master degree awarded by AIT are the degrees of Master of Engineering (Professional), Master of Science (Professional) and Professional Master in Technology Management with abbreviation M.Eng.(P), M.Sc.(P) and P.M.T.M., respectively.  
        2.1 To qualify for the degree of Doctor, a student must  satisfactorily complete the minimum coursework requirement, maintain a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.50,  complete a Doctoral dissertation and defend it at an oral examination, obtain a satisfactory evaluation of the dissertation from the external examiner, have at least one scientific paper based on the dissertation published in or accepted by an international refereed journal before the final examination.  
        2.2 To qualify for the degree of Master, a student must satisfactorily complete the minimum credit requirements of his/her field of study, achieve a final cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.75, achieve a grade of excellent, very good, good or fair for the research study or thesis, pass an oral examination on his/her research and related topics at the end of his or her program.  
        2.3 To qualify for the Diploma of AIT (Dip.AIT), a student must satisfactorily complete the minimum credit requirements and maintain a final cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.75.  
        3.1 The normal period of study for the Master's degree is four semesters; for the doctoral degree, six to eight semesters. A full-time Master's degree student is expected to register for four semesters and make payment for tuition and fees on a credit basis. A full-time doctoral student is likewise expected to register for six semesters, unless studies are completed in less time.   
        3.2 After admission to the Doctoral degree program and before the final examination, a full-time Doctoral student must complete a period of full-time attendance of not less than four semesters, while a a non-resident Doctoral student must complete a period of full-time attendance of not less than one semester except for the DBA program.  
        3.3 After admission to the Master's degree program, a student must complete a period of full-time attendance of not less than three semesters except for Dual Degree and Exchange students.  
        3.4 A diploma student must complete a period of full-time attendance on an approved program of study for a period of not less than one semester. The remaining period of study may be one of part-time or full-time attendance.  
        3.5 An AIT Diploma graduate may be exempted from meeting the residency requirement if subsequently enrolled in a Master's degree program.  
        3.6 For students under the part-time programs, the residency requirement is defined by the program .  
        3.6 Exemptions from residency requirements can be made only on the recommendation of the Advisor or Program Committee through the School Dean. In practice, students who are admitted to the Master's program after completing the Diploma are usually granted the exemption if the appropriate request is made.  




Placement Test. All degree program students (including CAS) must take the AIT Academic Writing Placement Test (AWPT) upon arrival on campus. Students will only be allowed to enroll for courses after they have taken the AWPT.

Academic and Technical Writing Courses.
  • All degree program students (including CAS) with English scores below AIT’s admission requirements will be automatically enrolled in the following mandatory English Language (EL) courses. Students will need to pay a registration fee for EL courses before they can attend. The EL course level will be automatically assigned based on a student’s current English score:

4.5 - EL13 Basic English Composition (6,000 baht registration fee)

5.0 - EL15 Intermediate English Composition (3,000 baht registration fee)

5.5 - EL19 Academic and Technical Writing (3,000 baht registration fee)

  • Those with AIT WT scores of 6.0 or higher are exempted from taking English courses.
  • Students are no longer allowed to retake the AWPT without passing their assigned EL courses. After sufficiently participating in an EL course, students will be allowed to retake the AWPT until the “Grades In” deadline specified in the AIT academic calendar each semester. After the “Grades In” deadline, students will need to wait until they successfully complete another EL course before they are allowed to retake the AWPT.
  • First semester students will have the opportunity to retake the AWPT until the end of the first week of EL classes. Scores from officially accepted standardized English tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL) can be submitted to the Language Center at any time to change a student’s current English score, but students cannot drop an EL course after the end of the drop/add deadline specified in AIT’s academic calendar.
  • Students are automatically registered in a particular semester for the appropriate English course based on their AWPT score.
  • EL courses will be graded as Pass or Fail. This grade will appear on transcripts, but will not count towards a student’s GPA. Those who attend less than 80% of their EL classes will automatically fail the course. Therefore, passing of an EL course requires both participation and performance improvement as measured by AIT’s Academic Writing Test (AWPT).
  • The on-campus AIT English Entry Test (EET) score will automatically be considered as the AWPT. Students taking the EET outside of AIT campus will need to take the AWPT upon arrival. Those who have passed AIT English Entrance Test (AIT EET) taken on AIT campus and have attained a score of 6.0 or above are exempted from taking the AWPT and the English courses.
        4.2 REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION. Students are to obtain at least 6.0 AWPT or equivalent officially accepted standardized writing test score to graduate. Students who are not able to achieve the required English score must continue to register and take English courses until they receive a 6.0 AWPT score or equivalent.  
        5.1 The authority to award degrees (including the Dip.AIT) has been delegated by the Board of Trustees to the President, who in every case acts on the recommendation of the Academic Senate.  
        5.2 A degree is awarded by the President. It is subsequently conferred at a Graduation Ceremony, at which the student receives the degree certificate. The Registry arranges for the degree certificates to be sent (registered airmail) to entitled students who are not present at the ceremony.  
        5.3 A candidate for a degree will not be considered by the Academic Senate unless he/she has made all corrections deemed necessary and submitted the appropriate number of final corrected copies of the dissertation, thesis, research study or project report to the Academic Unit.  
        The complete graduation guidelines can be viewed at  http://www.ait.ac.th/AIT/admissions/current-students/for-graduating-students.html.  
        7.1 Graduation ceremony is held in mid-May and end of December. The Vice President for Academic Affairs acts as Chairperson of the Assembly, and for each ceremony appoints two faculty members to act as marshals for the graduating class. The conferment of degrees is performed by the President.  
        7.2 Usually a guest speaker or, if an honorary degree is being conferred, the honorary degree recipient is invited to address the graduating class. One faculty member is appointed to serve as marshal for the honorary degree recipient.  

The normal graduation ceremony program is given below:

•  Academic procession
•  Presidential address
•  Conferring of the honorary degree (if awarded)
•  Graduation address
•  Conferring of degrees and awarding of the graduation prizes
•  Close of ceremony

The usual order of the academic procession is as follows: 

•  Chairperson of the assembly (Vice President for Academic Affairs)
•  Marshals for degree candidates
•  Degree candidates
•  Student Union President
•  Faculty
•  Trustees
•  Marshal for honorary degree recipient (if any)
•  Commencement speaker or honorary degree recipient
•  President
        7.5 The Institute's official academic dress is as follows:  
•  Diploma of the Asian Institute of Technology
   Black gown, closed in front with pseudo-mandarin sleeve
•  Master of Engineering
   Black gown with hood - black and green with 2-centimeter orange border
•  Master of Science
   Black gown with hood - black and green with 2-centimeter yellow border
•  Master of Business Administration
   Black gown with hood - black and green with 2-centimeter blue border
•  Doctor of Engineering
   Black gown with three chevrons on the sleeves; hood in black and green with 3-centimeter orange border
•  Doctor of Technical Science
   Black gown with three chevrons on the sleeves; hood in black and green with 3-centimeter yellow border
•  Doctor of Philosophy
   Black gown with three chevrons on the sleeves; hood in black and green with 3-centimeter white border
        7.6 Gowns and hoods may be rented or purchased by arrangement with the Registry subject to satisfactory completion of all program requirements.  
               •    To require a minimum 3.5 CGPA    
               •    To consider having at least five (5) graduating students in that batch competing for an award category.
               •    Exception to the above if a graduating student has 4.0 CGPA and has ‘Excellent’ thesis/research study.
               •    Since the awards are conferred annually during May Graduation Ceremony, the students who have graduated in previous December should also be counted for and considered eligible for award. This is to avoid penalizing students who join in January semester, and to include them in the students competing for graduation prizes.
               •    Completion of graduation requirement within prescribed duration of four (4) semesters for Masters’ program at AIT.
        9.1 No academic records will be issued until academic and administrative clearances have been completed.  
        9.2 The Institute's official student records are maintained by the Registry and may be consulted by faculty members. The records consist of the transcript, which is the permanent record of the student's program of study, and a general file in which documents relevant to his/her period of study at AIT are retained. Faculty members who wish to consult a student's file are asked to do so in the Registry; in exceptional circumstances when this would be very inconvenient, alternative arrangements can be made. The files are, however, routinely sent to the student's Advisor at the time of entry to AIT and at the time of the final examination. Important documents are kept in the AIT server and the student files are discarded three years after the students graduate.  
        9.3 Financial records are maintained in the Finance Office; scholarship records are maintained by the Admissions and Scholarships Unit.  
        9.4 A photocopy of a student's degree certificate is included in each graduate's file; the degree certificate can be copied at the request of a graduate.  
        9.5 An official transcript of academic study is prepared for each student. All courses and final grades are listed on the transcript together with the title and final assessment of the thesis, research study, or project.  
        9.6  Requests for a copy of the transcript should be addressed to the Registry and payment should be made to the Cashier on a ‘Request for Academic Records Form’. An official attested copy of the transcript can be provided by the Registry.  
        9.7 A certificate of attendance can be awarded to students registered for degree programs who failed to meet the minimum requirements for which they have registered but who have nonetheless completed the degree course (AS77.21).  
        9.8 Certificates of Attendance signed by the Registry Coordinator are issued through the Registry and will be prepared at the request of students.  
        9.9  Certificates should not be awarded for the completion of short courses offered by the Academic Units but that a document in the form of a letter signed by the Registry Officer may be issued to each candidate completing a course. Such letters should indicate at least the full title of the course, its length and the date of completion.  
        9.10 Faculty members are advised not to issue official statements or certificates at the request of students, except, of course, for letters of reference or testimonials. Students requesting certification of attendance or of their status should be referred to the Registry.  
        9.11 Valid certification of attendance letters, for example for students who have not completed their program of study at the Institute, is issued by the Registry at the request of students.  
        9.12 No requests for the attesting of transcripts other than the Institute's will be entertained, i.e. the Registry will not attest a transcript or certification of achievement from any other academic institution.  This particularly pertains to requests for endorsement by the Institute of a student's undergraduate academic work or graduate work done elsewhere.  
  10   DEPARTURE  
        10.1 Those granted with return air ticket must book with the travel agent in AIT (check the list available at the Scholarships Unit before booking). Per AIT regulation, only the cheapest air ticket and most direct route will be paid by the Institute. More expensive airlines and routes may be booked but students must bear the cost over and above the cost of the cheapest airline and route.  
        10.2 All graduating students must vacate their rooms and return their keys to the Student Accommodation Unit five days after graduation day.  
        10.3 Graduating students with return air travel grant are not provided with allowance for unaccompanied baggage.