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Members and Terms of Reference

Members of the IT Committee

Dr. Sumanta Guha, Assoc. Prof., SET/CSIM, Chair
Dr. Mokbul Ahmed, Assoc. Prof., SERD/RRDP
Ms. Elizabeth Chaloeyvares, Manager, CMO
Ms. Jutarat Dantummachat, Student
Mr. Fazle Karim, Senior Program Specialist, Extension
Ms. Chalita Lertwinyu, Manager, CMO
Mr. Hoang Hung Manh, Senior Lab Supervisor, SET/ISE
Mr. Olivier Nicole, Lab Manager, SET/CSIM
Mr. Fahdlulah Ramadhani, Student
Dr. Sun Sayamipuk, Head, CMO
Dr. Aekavute Sujari, Senior Research Specialist, InterLab

 Terms of Reference of the IT Commitee

With the start of outsourced IT services by Netlink from 1 June 2010, a mechanism is needed to monitor and supervise the works of the outsourced IT services provider in order to ensure proper delivery of services and performance required.   However, since IT services are integral part of all Institute activities (academic, administrative, community life), other than monitoring and supervising the IT outsourcing provider, this mechanism should also shape the Institute’s IT landscape by driving new services and applications for the Institute as well as by implementing most cost effective IT solutions, particularly on the sharing of IT resources (hardware, software, outside services and human resources).


The effort to reap the benefits of IT outsourcing should not stop with the outsourcing of currently identified IT staff, but should go beyond that, such as sharing of IT resources which can now easily be more achieved with the centralized IT human resource services provided by Netlink.   This would result in further cost saving in investment and maintenance of IT resources.


Although we have outsourced 23 IT staff, there might still be some IT staff in different positions across the Institute which should be further identified.   There are also efforts to establish non-IT positions which entail considerable IT support services which in the longer run will undermine the IT outsourcing.   There are still IT support services in the specialized labs such as RS&GIS, ISE, etc, which we should explore to outsource as well.


The proposed mechanism should address those issues above, not just only monitoring and supervising the IT outsourcing provider.   Therefore rather than establishing a monitoring team similar to what we have with the integrated facilities management (Sodexo), it is suggested to establish a broader committee such as an IT Committee (ITC) which many other Universities already have under various names.   The ITC should be chaired by an IT expert, and representatives across the Institute as members.


The ITC has the following responsibilities:



1.       Roll out Institute IT Policies and Strategies



2.       Formulate IT Plan for both short and long term to as guided through the IT Policies and Strategy



3.       Monitor whether all IT services provided by the IT outsourcing provider are delivered as required and Service Level Agreement is fulfilled



4.       Address issues/complaints raised by communities



5.       Serve as interface between the IT Outsourcing provider and AIT on issue of IT services



6.       Manage and evaluate services from the outsourcing company



7.       At the operational level, determine security access, audit security and privacy, decide on new services and applications to be added and which services need to be improved, ensure the enforcement of Institute’s IT policies and strategies



8.       Represent the Institute in dealing with the communities and outside parties (e.g. hardware/ software vendors, service providers, Internet authorities, government agencies, research network community such as Thairen, NECTEC/NTSDA)



9.       Investigate further coverage of IT outsourcing



10.   Ensure that no more IT support services relation positions are established regardless of title of the positions



11.   Evaluate and propose laptop model to be used in the laptop scheme for new students

A staff from the Contract Management Office (CMO) will be assigned to follow-up the recommendations and decisions made by the IT Committee.   Details of the works listed above need to be carried out by the CMO staff.   Together with the Purchasing Unit, the staff can take the responsibility to evaluate and coordinate IT purchases by schools and offices.