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Nanotechnology for herbal extract in cosmeceuticals Event
nano.jpg Image
Prof. Pachauri to deliver lecture on Reflections on COP16 Event
pachauri1.jpg Image
pachauri2.jpg Image
Technology Needs Assessment Workshop Event
Training program on Bilane Carbon methodology and tool for calculating GHGs Event
Orientation Day Event
Opening ceremony of AIT Consulting Event
Workshop on Interpersonal Skills for Professional Development Event
AIT Institute Forum Event
Training workshop on Bilan Carbon methodology Event
bilan.pdf File
Talk on Cloud Computing Event
ralph.jpg Image
President's Eleven versus Student's Eleven Event
Career Talk by CP Foods Event
TSF Emergency Response Training Event
TSF.training File
TSF.training2 File
AIT Career Fair Event
Career Talk by United Feed Mill Event
Launch of Professional Master's in Banking and Finance Event
PMBF.pdf File
Orientation Program for New Employees Event
International Women's Day Event
Maradokmai Theatre group presents "The Trial of Wantong" Event
The Trial of Wantong File
Handing over of academic collection of Prof Yang to AIT library Event
Artwork competition for International Women's Day Event
Artwork competition File
Special lecture on "A dust model to explain cometary polarization" Event
DustModel File
Special lecture on "Light scattering with nano-size dust grains in astrophysical environment" Event
NanoTalk File
sen.jpg Image
AIT Mini Olympics Event
Career Talk Day Event
AIT Open House Event
ait.openhouse1.jpg Image
AIT Open House File
AITOpenHouse File
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openhouse2.jpg Image
OpenHouse File
OpenHouse.pdf File
AIT Cultural Show Event
Career Talk by RECOFTC Event
Inverting the pyramid: How to write a press release Event
media.workshop.jpg Image
Climate Sustainability Workshop and UNCSD 2012 consultation Event
Presentation by Toyota Foundation Event
Talk on The Importance of Communication in Leadership Event
AIT Open House Event
vresearch 2011 Film Fest Event
AIT Open House Event
AIT Open House Event
AIT Master's Thesis competition Event
Information event for the launch of Professional Master's Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility Event
TSF training for AIT volunteers Event
Seminar on Low Carbon Initiatives of Cities for GHG Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change Event
event.lcc.pdf File
event.tcep.pdf File
Training on Territory Climate and Energy Plan (TCEP) Event
115th Graduation Event
event.115graduation.pdf File
115graduation.pdf File
115thgraduation.pdf File
Seminar on Asian Prefab Technology for Budget Housing Event
event.asiaafrica.pdf File
pressrelease.png Image
pressrelease.png Image
Workshop on How to Write Press Releases Event
Career Talk by Somboon Group Event
Special Lecture on "Application of a Hybrid MBR System to Treat Priority Pollutants from Agricultural Runoffs" Event
baskaran.jpg Image
APIEL field course on "Sustainable Urban Water Use and Management" Event
APIEL field course File
Knowledge Science and Service Science seminars Event
Extramural lecture on Strategic Partnerships Event
liverpool.jpg Image
Orientation Day Event
event.orientation.10August.pdf File
CSR Business Performance @ AIT SOM Event
CSR-August-October2011.001.jpg Image
Symposium on “Factors for Public Sector Reform Effectiveness” Event
Sixth GMSARN International Conference 2011 Event
Blood Donation camp Event
Seventh Sharing and Learning Seminar on Gender and Adaptation to Climate Change Event
adaptation.jpg Image
Orientation for Undegraduate students Event
AIT's 52nd anniversary celebrations Event
nano.aug22a3.jpg Image
nano.final.jpg Image
Talk on Future of Professorships Event
AIT Photo Competition 2011 Event
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Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 8.50.48 AM.png Image
Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 8.52.25 AM.png Image
Extramural lecture on "Creating New Opportunities to Foster Innovative Economy in Thailand" Event