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01-30 April 2011

01-30 April 2011


Faculty / Staff


Purpose of Travel
 02-06 April 2011 Leena Wokeck Kathmandu, Nepal Orientation - ICIMOD and CSR Asia learning about each other; CSR and Climate Change Adaptation workshop; ICIMOD and CSR Asia meeting with target private sector of Nepal; and ICIMOD and CSR Asia to discuss future strategy for future collaboration
03-05 April 2011 Prof. Joydeep Dutta Siem Reap, Cambodia To attend MAHEVA Project's Selection Meeting
03-10 April 2011 Dr. W. G. Gallardo Saint Denis (Reunion), France AIT mission to discuss collaboration with the University of Reunion Island
04-10 April 2011 Prof. Ajit P. Annachhatre Saint Denis (Reunion), France To explore new cooperation possibilities with the Indian Ocean region/Africa
04-10 April 2011 Dr. Nitin K. Tripathi Delhi, Dehradun; India To visit Dehradun for presenting invited talk in ISPRS Workshop
10-17 April 2011 Prof. Dennes T. Bergado Manila, Philippines Promotion of Unified program in Mapua Institute of Technology and La Salle University
15-18 April 2011 Dr. Anil K. Anal Pune-Mumbai, India To visit Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) campus in Pune and get invited to give a technical seminar in IIT, Mumbai
20-25 April 2011 Dr. W. G. Gallardo Shanghai, China To attend the 9th Asian  Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum and AARM promotion