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Andalas University, Indonesia taps into AIT’s academic and administrative expertise

Andalas University, Indonesia, has sought the expertise of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in academic excellence, international research, and administrative and budgetary management. A 17-member delegation from Andalas University led by their former Rector Prof. Werry Darta Taifur, visited AIT on 12 January 2016 and interacted with senior AIT officials to learn about AIT’s academic and nonacademic evaluation system.

Andalas University, Indonesia taps into AIT’s academic and administrative expertise

Prof. Werry Darta Taifur

Welcomed to AIT by Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, the delegation also inquired about the assets management system in AIT, and asked about the institute’s budgetary process. Prof. Taifur stated that Andalas University is moving from a semi-autonomous to an autonomous status, and this has necessitated a review of academic and academic policies and procedures.

“Andalas University is interested in evaluation process of both faculty members and non-faculty members, increasing international publication and research, budgetary and asset management, and international accreditation,” Prof. Taifur said.

He was accompanied by Prof. Herri, Vice Rector for General and Resource Affairs; Mr. Titi Kurniati,  Vice Dean(II) Engineering; Dr. Tesri Maideliza,  Vice Dean(II) Technology Information; Prof. Henny Lucida, Vice Dean(II) Pharmacy; Yustini Alioes, Vice Dean(II) Dentistry; Dr. Yaherwandi, Vice Dean(II) Agriculture; Dr. Wirsa Arief Harahap, Vice Dean(II) Medicine; Dr. Suryati, Vice Dean(II) Science; Prof. Fauzia Agustin, Vice Dean(II) Husbandry; Dr. Busyra Azheri, Vice Dean(II) Law; Lakshmi Dewi, Vice Dean(II) Economics; Dr. Nopriyasman, Vice Dean(II) Letters; Dr. Azwar, Vice Dean(II) Social and Political Science; Dr. Rusnam, Vice Dean(II) Agriculture Technology; Dr. Henmaidi, Vice Directure, Post Graduate; and Drs. Imrizal, Leader of Asset Management Biro.

At AIT, they interacted with Vice Presidents Prof. Sivanappan Kumar and Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto; Dr. Peeyush Soni of School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD); Mrs. Izel Ann Mojado-Dante, Head- Administration; Mr. Noppadon Rittipongshusit, Head-Finance; Mr. Wanchai Sophonsakulrat, Head-Office of Facilities and Asset Management(OFAM); Ms. Laarni B Roa, Head-Student; and Ms. Sumana Shrestha, Senior Program Officer, External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO).

More details about Andalas University are available at their website: http://www.unand.ac.id/