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“Let’s show the world, who we are, where we are, and how awesome we are”

If you are fascinated by research conducted by students from all over the world, look no further. The inaugural issue of the AIT Students’ Union (AITSU) Research Magazine is a 48-page compendium of some of best work of students at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

The maiden publication titled “SU Research Magazine” provides a panoramic view of the research work at the institute, and presents it in a simple format making it available to readers of all hues. “The magazine is a compilation of recent research,” says the Students’ Union President Ms. Piraya Lueprasitsakul. While it is a platform for students to showcase their research; various companies, the industry, and authorities can get a bird’s eye view of work done by AIT students.

Zarraf Tajwar, Chairperson of AITSU Academic Affairs believes that the magazine “will be a great platform to let everyone know about the research work conducted at AIT.” He hopes that the publication will also help students in their career prospects by introducing their work to various organizations, academia and companies.

“Every work is unique,” says Sarmin Rauf, Secretary of AITSU Academic Affairs, as she hopes that the magazine would be a significant take away for everyone.

Brought out under the aegis of Chief Editor, Gorla Praveen along with five editors — Muthineni Karthik, Perera Thehani, Nilay Kumar Sarkar, Dilukar Harischandra, and Albert Mozo; the magazine has a six-member marketing team of Chathuri Hettipathira, Ashram Rizny, Nyan Lin Soe, Neha Fathima, Sohani, and Hasmir Aliyar.

The premier issue chronicles 33 research issues covering a vast array of topics from water to climate change, radars to solar power, seismic analysis to osmosis, and haptic sensory to customer experience. It also exhibits AIT’s geographical expanse ranging from hydropower in Afghanistan to Songkran in Thailand, and from knowledge sharing in a multicultural environment to energy audits in Pakistan.

As the SU President Piraya writes in her message in the inaugural issue: “Let’s show the world, who we are, where we are, and how awesome we are.”

Download link: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/news/SU.Research.Magazine.pdf/