PTS Reminder

PTS Reminder

The deadline for submission of PTS application forms of Asian-AIT students for the May Term 2000 (i.e. leaving for Europe by end of April/ early May 2000) will be on 31 January 2000. Please forward your PTS application forms (with requested documents) to the PTS Co-ordination Office or contact Ms. Gemma at # 6318, Rm. E126, SERD Building. You can download the application form from the website: or obtain it from the PTS Co-ordination Office.

Please note that:
1) Only AIT students from South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal) and Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) can participate in the programme.

2) Only regular Master's students (actually in the third or fourth term) may apply for the May 2000 Term. Preference will be given to students in their third term. No exception to this rule will be entertained.

3) For Master's students, it is strongly recommended that thesis topics be approved by the concenered Field of Study faculty before leaving for Europe (by end April 2000).

4) Only Ph.D. students who have successfully passed the 'Advancement to Candidacy Exam' are eligible for the PTS Programme; in this case, the departure for Europe can be during any term in the year (January, May or September). Please consult your thesis advisor first.

5) You should have a valid passport (valid until October 2000 at least); if not, please start the procedure to obtain a new passport (Thai students) or to extend your passport's validity. Please attach a photocopy of your passport and re-entry visa to your PTS application form.

6) Students granted a PTS scholarship will have to add, in principle, one more term to their Master's program (i.e. 6 terms in total).

The PTS web site ( will have the answers to many questions that were asked in the past by PTS applicants.

Finally, we strongly suggest that you discuss with your advisor or program coordinator before filling out your application form, and thereby help you to determine the best study plan and identify the best European university for you.

* The deadlines for future PTS intakes are:

1. Leaving for Europe in May Term 2000: Deadline for sending application forms - 31 Jan 2000

2. Leaving for Europe in September Term 2000: Deadline for sending application forms - 31 May 2000