Last Week:

26 Jan. - Faculty members of the Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Ulsan, Korea, as guests of SCE and Prof. Y. S. Chung, a Visiting SCE Faculty. The group included Prof. Tuk-Ki Min; Assoc. Prof. Byoung-Ho Lee; Asst. Prof. Byeong-Kyu Lee; Mr. Chang-Soo Song (Laboratory Chief); Dr. Jong-Seok Lee; Dr. Hong-Jae Cho; and Mr. Hae-Yook Choi, an official of the Provincial Government of Ulsan.

28 Jan. - Thomas Crampton, Correspondent, International Herald Tribune.

01 Feb. - Executives and Members of Japan Society of Civil Engineers. The group included Mr. Yoshitomo Tani, Manager - Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.; Mr. Kaname Abe, Manager - Obayashi Corporation; Mr. Akira Gosou, Senior Structure Engineer - Nikken Consultants, Inc.; Mr. Hiroaki Goto, Manager - Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.; Mr. Yutaka Ozawa, Engineer - Dai Nippon Construction; Mr. Fumitaka Yamada, Engineer - Mitui Construction Co., Ltd.; Mr. Sizuo Ono, Managing Director - The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc.; and Mr. Eiichi Sazawa, Managing Director - Japan Construction Training Center Foundation.

Next Week:

7 Feb. - Prof. Francesco Gregoretti, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Politecnico di Torino, Italy,
- Mr. Cang Sean Mai, Managing Director of Paragon Solutions, Vietnam
- Delegation from Sida's Department for Natural Resources and the Environment: Mrs. Eidi Genfors, Head of Division for Asia and Latin America; Ms. Kristina Bohman, Senior Program Officer, Division for Asia and Latin America; Mr. Johan Sundberg, Senior Program Officer, Division for Asia and Latin America; and Dr. Magnus Torell, External Advisor to Sida.

15 Feb. - Faculty members, researchers and doctoral students from Dong-A University, Korea, in a group of 16 including Asst. Prof. Dr. Shin Soobong, Prof. S.G. Chung and Dr. N. Park