Welcome to Dr. PER H. NIELSEN


The School of Environment, Resources and Development and the Urban Environmental Engineering and Management Program cordially welcome Dr. PER H. NIELSEN from Denmark as an Associate Professor. He is seconded by Danida for 2 years.

Dr. Nielsen holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Prior to joining AIT, he was an Associate Research Professor at the Technical University of Denmark.

Dr. Nielsen has been recognized as a specialist in life cycle assessment (LCA) of products and systems and in the degradation of organic chemicals in polluted groundwater aquifers. For further information on his CV, please visit http://www.ipt.dtu.dk/employ/pn.htm A short paper (presented in Hainan, China) illustrating the use of LCA in environmental optimization of products can be viewed at http://www.ipt.dtu.dk/ap/liv/hainan.PDF.

Dr. Nielsen is offering a course ED0998L - Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems in the May 2000 Term. His office is W118, first floor, SERD Building. He can be contacted at tel. no. 5631 E-mail: nielsen @ait.ac.th