AIT's 88th Graduation ceremony, held on April 21, brought the total number of alumni to 10,240. A total of 273 degrees were awarded (253 Master's Level, 11 at the Doctoral level and nine Diplomas).
Graduation Awardees:
Deesawasmongkol Prize

Mr. Chumlarp Tejasen
(M.Eng., Engineering and Applied Geology, SCE)

Mr. Chumlarp from Thailand obtained his B.Eng. in Civil Engineering from King Mongkut's
University of Technology, Thonburi. He worked at the Royal Irrigation Department, Thailand, prior to joining AIT.
Thesis: Stress-strain and Stability Analysis of Lam Pai Mas Dam in Relation to Its
Persistent Movement and Cracks
Adviser: Dr. Noppadol Phien-wej
Chin Fung Kee Prize

Mr. Punlop Visudmedanukul
(M.Eng., Soil Engineering, SCE)

Mr. Punlop from Thailand received his B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 1998.
Thesis: FEM Analysis on the Interaction Mechanism between Hexagonal Wire Mesh Reinforcement and Silty Sand Backfill
Advisers: Prof. Dennes T. Bergado/Dr. Kinya Miura
Barbara and John Hugh Jones Prize

Mr. Praprut Songchitruksa
(M.Eng., Transportation Engineering, SCE)
A B.Eng. (Civil Engineering) graduate from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1997.
Thesis: A Logic-Based Decision Support System for Pavement Treatments in Thailand
Adviser: Dr. Pannapa Herabat
Mahesh Varma Prize

Mr. Tirachai Pipitsupaphol
(M.Eng., Construction Engineering and Management, SCE)

Mr. Tirachai from Thailand obtained his B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, in 1996. He was a Production Engineer at Concrete Products and Aggregate, Thailand, before joining AIT.
Thesis: Identification and Statiscal Analysis of the Root Causes of Labor Accidents in the Thai Construction Industry
Adviser:Dr. Tsunemi Watanabe
Aoyagi Prize

Mr. Upendra Prasad Poudel
(M.Eng., Structural Engineering, SCE)
Mr. Poudel, a Nepali national, obtained his B.Eng. in Civil Engineering
from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, in 1997.
Thesis: Bending Properties of Reinforced High Strength Concrete Structures Deteriorated by Corrosion of Reinforcement
Adviser:Dr. Koji Takewaka
Hodaka Prize

Mr. Somchai Chonwattana
(M.Eng., Coastal Zone Engineering and Management, SCE)
Mr. Somchai received a B. Eng. degree in Civil Engineering from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, North Bangkok, Thailand, in 1998.
Thesis: Analysis of Wind Waves, Longshore Sediment Transports and Coastal Morphologies along Coastlines of Rayong
Adviser:Prof. Suphat Vongvisessomjai
Hisamatsu Prize

Mr. Mohamed Mujithaba Mohamed Najim
(M.Eng., Irrigation Engineering and Management, SCE)
Mr. Najim from Sri Lanka obtained his B.Sc.AG.Eng. in Agricultural
Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in 1994. Prior
to joining AIT, he worked as a Lecturer at this University.
Thesis: Assessment of the AGNPS Model in a Tropical Watershed, Chanthaburi, Thailand
Advisers: Mr. Rainer Loof/Dr. Mukand S. Babel
Institute Prize

Mrs. R.M.R.P. Ranaweera
(M.Eng., Water Supply, Drainage and Sewerage Engineering, SCE)
Mrs. Ranaweera from Sri Lanka worked as a Research Engineer with the Lanka Hydraulic Institute Limited, before joining AIT. She obtained her B.Sc.Eng. in Civil Engineering from the University of Peradeniya in 1996.
Thesis: An Environmentally Friendly Solid Waste Disposal System
for Developing Countries
Adviser: Dr. Josef Trankler
Sukum Navapan Prize and
Hiromichi Seya Prize

Miss Chayanis Manushiparom
(M.Eng., Water Resources and Development, SCE)
Ms. Chayanis from Thailand obtained her B. Eng. in Water Resources from Kasetsart University, Thailand in 1997.
Thesis: Neural Network Models for Forecasting Hourly Water Levels and Discharges of Chao Phraya River at Bangkok Memorial Bridge
Adviser: Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali
Institute Prize

Mr. Le Chien Thang
(MBA International Business, SOM)
Mr. Le worked as a Teaching Assistant with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam, before joining AIT. He obtained his Diploma in Business Administration from AITCV in 1999.
Thesis: Perceived Service Quality: A Case Study of Vietnam Connection Company Ltd. (VCC) in Vietnam
Adviser: Dr. Do Ba Khang
Wilhelm Hill Prize and Yoshiro Takasaki Prize

Mr. Manish Shrestha
(MBA Management of Technology, SOM)
Mr. Shrestha from Nepal obtained his B. Eng. in Electronics from S.V. Regional College of Engineering and Technology, India, in 1990. He worked as a Transmission Engineer with the Nepal Telecom Corporation, Nepal, before joining AIT.
Thesis: Evaluation of Transfer Potential of Telecommunications Services: A Case Study of Pay-by-GSM Service from Sonera to Advanced Info Service Limited
Adviser: Prof. Himangshu Paul

Mahesh Varma Prize

Ms. Yardtip Boonyatharokul
(MBA International Business, SOM)
Ms. Yardtip from Thailand obtained her B.Econ. in Monetary Economics from Chulalongkorn University in 1995.
Thesis: The Automotive Parts Industry in Thailand: Prospects and Challenges
Adviser: Prof. John C.S. Tang
Werner von Siemens Excellence Award

Mr. Peerasan Supavatanakul
(M.Eng. Mechatronics, SAT)
Mr. Peerasan received his B. Eng. (Elect.) from Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thailand, in 1997. He worked as an Analyst at Andersen Consulting, Thailand, before joining AIT.
Thesis: The Development of a Navigation Device Based on Sensor Fusion
Adviser: Dr. Nitin Afzulpurkar