Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)
On 20 March, 28 students in the ISE Program's 6th intake started their Talkbase course, which is being conducted by LTU with AITCV funding.

On 20-22 March, Maintenance Manufacturing, AITCV's first training high technology course, was conducted in Hanoi, and again on 23-25 March in Ho Chi Minh City. Both sessions were conducted by Dr. Nagendra Nagarur, ISE/AIT.

International Executive MBA

Under consideration by AIT/SOM and AITCV is the launching of the first postgraduate program in Vietnam in the field of Business Administration for middle and senior level managers. An orientation session for potential applicants was recently organized by SOM faculty and AITCV.

The following Management Training Courses were conducted:

6-10 March. Project Monitoring Evaluation by Dr. Do Ba Khang, SOM/AIT; and Management of Training and Development by Mr. Ngo Thanh Can and Ms. Nguyen Thu Le Hang, LTU-AITCV.

13-17 March. Logical Framework for Rural Development Project Planning by Dr. Do Kim Chung, AITCV; and Rural Development Planning and Mobilization by Dr. Reidar Dale, SERD/AIT.

20-24 March. Training Methodology for Rural Development Officers by Dr. Do Kim Chung, AITCV.

The following courses were conducted by the Language and Training Unit (LTU):
17 March. Training of Trainers by Ms. Nguyen Thu Le Hang, Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Trang and Ms. Vu Thi Van Anh, LTU-AITCV.

6-20 March. Talkbase course, assisted by Mr. Chito Mandia, LTU-AITCV Program, at CLET/AIT.