Summary of

Covering Meetings held on 26 February, and 7, 14, 24 March 2000
Issued on 3 April 2000

00.1 Asiaweek Survey

Following AIT's inquiries with the Asiaweek concerning their annual survey of Asian universities, Mr. Cesar Bacani, Senior Editor of the Asiaweek responsible for the survey explained that the survey for the year 2000 covers institutions that offer both graduate and undergraduate programs, and therefore, AIT is not included. However, Mr. Bacani confirmed that SOM is included in their forthcoming survey of MBA programs.

AIT is checking with the Asiaweek in trying to determine when they are likely to conduct their planned survey of strictly postgraduate institutions and whether a mention of AIT being among such institutions could be made in the release of this year's survey.

00.2 Proposal to relaunch the AIT Review

The proposal by OMIS to relaunch the AIT Review towards using it not mainly to chronicle events but to proactively publicize AIT's 'products' was endorsed with the following names proposed by the Deans to the Advisory Board and Institute-wide Information Loop.

Advisory Board
· Dean, SERD
and Professor V. M. Salokhe as an alternate representative;
· Dr. Anulark Pinnoi, SAT;
· Dr. Gerard Tocquer, SOM; and
· Professor Tingsanchali Tawatchai, SCE

Institute-wide Information Loop
· Dean, SAT;
· Ms. P. Prapassaorn, SERD;
· Ms. Wilaiporn C, SOM; and
· Ms. Ann V Lopez, SCE

00.3 Alumni Tracer Study

The questionnaire has been revised incorporating comments received and the survey was now in its final form ready for launching over the web. One representative from each of the Schools is to be assigned to work with the team comprising of Ms. T. Padilla (OMIS Coordinator), Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe (Senior Development Officer) and Mr. Biswamber G. (Manager AASU). The survey once complete will be continually updated.

Note: The Provost invited AITAA to take part. Questionnaires have been mailed and an on-line version has been posted at