AITCV conducted the following training courses and activities in April 2000.

Management Training Courses
April 3-7: Managing Development Project, by Dr. Do Ba Khang, SOM/AIT
April 11-15: Management Development Projects, by Dr. Do Kim Chung, AITCV
April 17-21: Effective Management School, by Mr. Nguyen Danh Nguyen and Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy of AITCV

April 17-21: Formulation and Proposal Writing of Development Projects, by Dr. Do Kim Chung

International Executive MBA

The new launch date for the first AIT/SOM and AITCV international executive postgraduate program in Business Administration, for middle and senior level managers in Vietnam, is September 2000.

Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)

April 10-14: Computer Aided Project Management, by Dr. Karim Fazle and Ms. Fontanilla Maria, RCC/AIT.
April 17-21: Computerized Financial Accounting, by Dr. John L. Arifin and Ms. Skolpap Chitimon, RCC/AIT.

Future plans: Discussions were held between AITCV Director, Dr. Jari Backman, and Regional Computer Center Associate Director, Dr. Regino Gonzales, on future RCC training courses to be conducted at AITCV.

Language and Training Unit (LTU)
April 3-14: English Writing Skills for Officers, by Ms. Fran Lamotte, LTU-AITCV.
April 5-18: Scientific Research Report Writing in English, sponsored by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research and presented by Ms. Nora Fyles and Ms. Tran Thi Lan, LTU-AITCV.
April 10-May 5: Intensive Vietnamese Language Training, by Dr. Nguyen Thi Nhu Nguyen and Mr. Nguyen Van Tam, LTU-AITCV.
April 23 - June 3: Educational Management and Research, facilitated by Mr. Thomas David Chavez of AITCV and held at AIT, Thailand.

English Proficiency Testing for Overseas Training conducted in April for the Embassy of Sweden and Helvetas.