Main Events @ AITCV

Main Events @ AITCV

AIT and AITCV organized the 14th Council of Advisors Meeting at AITCV on 18 September 2000. The opening ceremony to welcome the first student intake of the International Executive MBA was held at AITCV in the evening of the same day.

At the meeting the Council was updated on AITCVactivities and short-term training programs. AITCV is currently offering two academic programs, namely Industrial Systems Engineering (now in its sixth year) and the recently launched International Executive MBA.

In the first eight months of this year, the AITCV organized nearly 60 training courses for almost 900 participants, covering the fields of management, advanced technologies, rural development, environment, computer skills, training of trainers and specialized English courses.

AITCV will start to implement the Quality Management System to improve cooperation between AITCV and AIT Faculty and staff.

The meeting also discussed ways to implement the SAV Phase 3 together with other AIT activities. H.E. Prof. Vu Ngoc Hai, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training, stated that the relationship among the AITCV, AIT and SAV is quite good and should continue to be so in the future. Prof. Armand guided discussions on how to position AITCV and SAV within the proposed AIT Extension program. Also discussed was the TOR of the AITCV Director. The incumbent, Dr. Backman, will be leaving at year's end.

In his speech at the International MBA opening ceremony, Prof. Vu Ngoc Hai said: 'Having gained rich experiences in Vietnam, the AIT opens one more postgraduate program in Hanoi, that is the Executive MBA program. We hope that like other programs at the AITCV, this course will have positive results, making considerable contributions in producing highly qualified managers for Vietnam'.

Prof. Mario Tabucanon, AIT Provost, stated, 'I thank the first batch of students of our Executive MBA Program in Vietnam for without them this launch would not have been possible. I also thank the organizations supporting these students for the enthusiasm and belief in human resources development as a pre-requisite to quality and productivity. I congratulate both the students and the organizations for their wisdom and determination in pursuit of higher learning. No nation can progress swifter than progressing in education'.

Speaking on behalf of the first group of EMBA students, Mr. Nguyen Hong Minh, Deputy Manager of Geophysics Department from Petro Vietnam, said: 'This is a great opportunity for working managers to learn how to successfully manage their entities in a highly-competitive business environment. We strongly believe that with AIT's prestige and success and with the efforts of AIT faculty, students and staff, this Program will be successful'.

Dr. Jari Backman, AITCV Director, told the students; 'As the AIT School of Management (SOM) has students and faculty members from close to 30 countries, the curriculum has a distinctively managerial emphasis without forgetting professional issues. You will be assigned to work hard to achieve your credits, but then your motivation will also be high as you start immediately to see your personal development'.

The opening of the international EMBA was announced to COA members by Prof. Himangshu Paul, SOM Dean, at the first EMBA Advisory Board meeting. He said, 'Many practicing engineers and technologists, who later became managers, are unable to continue their education away from their places of employment because of their career obligations. Responding to this growing need in Vietnam for a high quality program, the AITCV and SOM will soon launch an Executive MBA program for senior level managers.'