Seminars @ AIT (Updated: 17 Oct 2000)

Seminars @ AIT

Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Cleaner Production

A special lecture on 'Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Cleaner Production' will be held on
Tuesday, 17 October from 10:00-12:00 a.m. at Room ET1 to be conducted by Mr. Patchamuthu Illangovan,
Senior Environmental Specialist, East Asia Environmental and Social Development Unit, World Bank.

Students of ED09.98X: Principles of Cleaner Production will attend and other interested persons are welcome.


Mr. Patchamuthu Illangovan is a Senior Environmental Specialist in the
East Asia Environmental and Social Development Unit of the World Bank.
He joined the World Bank in 1993 and works on policy and institutional
dimensions and technical aspects of environmental management, including
pollution prevention. Prior to joining the World Bank, Mr. Illangovan
held various positions with the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka.

Mountain Tourism and Empowerment of Local Women in the Nepali Himalayas

Ms. Dibya D. Gurung, a Ph.D Candidate at Griffith University, Australia will present 'Mountain Tourism and Empowerment of Local Women in the Nepali Himalayas' on Thursday, 19 October from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at room E108. The seminar is based on her preliminary research findings.

The seminar will discuss the relationship between mountain tourism and the
empowerment of local women in the Nepali Himalayas. How tourism has
empowered women and how they in turn have been able to contribute to sustainable
mountain tourism. The impact and implication of mountain tourism on women (social,
economic and environmental), the role of external intervention in integrating
gender in their programs: at policy, program formulation, implementation and
evaluation levels will be discussed.

All interested persons are invited to come.

Design of Pre-formed Titanium Membrane for Bone Reconstruction

Mr. Le Chi Hieu, a doctoral student in ISE Program/SAT, who is working for
Medical Technology Project as well, will deliver a seminar entitled 'Design
of Pre-formed Titanium Membrane for Bone Reconstruction', on Thursday, 19
at 1.30 p.m. in room IE-106, the Chalerm Prakiat Building.

Large benign bone tumors or locally aggressive benign bone
tumors are nowadays usually treated by thorough curettage of the lesion
after which the resulting bone cavity is filled with biomaterials. Although
we usually get good results with this technique, there are some
shortcomings. The strength of the bone, which was already weakened by the
tumor, is further impaired by the necessity to create a large window in the
remaining cortex, in order to be able to reach the whole of the tumor
cavity. If we want to restore this strength by using standard plate and
screw osteosynthesis, the exposure usually has to be extended, which the
surgeon does not like to do at all. The alternative is a prolonged period
of protected or non-weight-bearing. Also, the filling of the cavity can be
attended with some problems. In addition, insufficient pressurization of
the bone cement when filling the cavity usually occurs.
That leads to looking for a technique that can overcome these shortcomings.
Using a titanium membrane may be a suitable method and it can meet the
requirements for the reconstruction of benign bone tumors.

The seminar is aimed at presenting the investigation of the rationality of
using titanium membranes for bone reconstruction, especially for the case
of tibia reconstruction. In addition, the methods of designing titanium
membranes are also presented.

Star Seminar Series

STAR Program announces a Seminar on 'Remote Sensing Data Fusion Techniques and its Applications'
by Prof. Dr Vernon H. Singhroy, Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing to be held on Friday, 20 October, 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. at room E220 (Academic Building - North)


Data fusion techniques are gaining importance in Remote Sensing as they allow
to utilize full potential of multi-sensor, multi-spatial and spectral resolution remote sensing data in an integrated manner. Prof. Singhroy will discuss his research experience in this field and demonstrate several applications.

Visions of the Future

The Telecommunications Program of the School of Advanced Technologies and
NOKIA Thailand
, one of its founding members of the Advanced Technology
Forum (ATF) will conduct the Joint NOKIA-AIT Future Moves Seminar 'Visions of the Future'
on Friday, 20 October, 1:00 - 5:30 p.m. at the AIT Center Auditorium.

All interested persons are welcome.

Externally Prestressed Concrete Structures-Mechanical Behavior, Theory, Design and Application

Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi from the Department of Civil Engineering, Saitama University, Japan will deliver a seminar entitled 'Externally Prestressed Concrete Structures -Mechanical Behavior, Theory, Design and Application' on Thursday, October 26, 10:00-11:30 a.m. at room E-206.


The use of externally prestressed concrete (EPC) bridges has become
popular recently in the prestressing technology in the world.
However, it has been known from past studies that the ultimate
flexural strength of externally prestressed beams is comparatively
less than that of similar internal bonded beams. In addition, these
type of structures generally lack ductile behavior at the ultimate
state. In this lecture, fundamental mechanical behavior and an
analytical theory for EPC are described. In addition, the design
method for such EPC and some actual EPC bridges are introduced.

All Interested persons are welcome.