Seminars & Workshop @ AIT (Updated: 05 Oct 2000)

Seminars & Workshop @ AIT


Prof. George Fleming, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers,
London will conduct a lecture on Friday, 6 Oct., at 11:00 a.m. on
'Environment... Engineering and Technological Developments' at the AIT
Center Auditorium.

Interested persons are invited to attend.


Professor Fleming's lecture will revolve around his world-wide experience
and recognition as expert on Environment and Engineering gained from
major projects such as Dams in Kenya; Labuan; Brunei; the Strathclyde
Park; the Flooding in Sutherland; the Glasgow Garden Festival Project;
Dinorwig Power Station Project; Reservoir Management in the Alps; Flood
Control in California; Chicago and Brazil.

Prof. Fleming has been associated with Environmental Problems of
eighty-nine different landfill sites throughout his career. The Water and
Environment Management Unit under his leadership was awarded
'The Better Environment Award for Industry' by the Royal Society of Arts.

Brief Bio-data:

Prof. George Fleming, currently President of the Institution of Civil
Engineers, London, is also the Chairman of the Steering Group of the
Institution on Telford Challenge on Poverty Alleviation.

An active researcher in Environment Management including Hydrology and
Water and Soil Resources Engineering, Prof. Fleming is a pioneer in the
development of computer aided design and simulation.

He has undertaken researches in the use of dredged material for topsoil,
brick manufacture, land renewal, landfill hydrology, in real time drought and
flood forecasting, river basin management, land use studies and river
engineering for fishing improvements.

His research publications include contributions to 15 books and over 200
publications in journals, keynote addresses, papers at conferences, reports,
plus the production of four video documentaries and a permanent

Professor Fleming was elected to the Council of the Royal Society of
Edinburgh and is currently the Convenor of the Royal Academy of
Engineering in Scotland.


The School of Environment, Resources and Development, Energy Program (Energy Policy and Technology Workshop) presents a seminar on IPPs in Thailand: A Case Study to be conducted by Mr. Ducros, Managing Director, Total Energy Service Thailand.

The seminar is being arranged by D.V. Savin and H. L. Pham and will be held on Friday, 6 Oct., 1:00-2:00 p.m. in room ET238, Energy Program Building II.

ED 07.33 students are expected to attend. All interested students and colleagues are cordially invited


The STAR Program is pleased to announce a Seminar on 'e Cognition
Object Oriented and Multi Scale Image Analysis' software package for
cost-effective data classification by Definiens Ltd. which will be held on
Friday, October 6, 2000 at 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. room E220, Academic Building.

All interested persons are welcome.