Reports of RTG Joint Projects (FY2002)

Reports of RTG Joint Projects (FY2002)

The Royal Thai Government (RTG) recently granted a budget of THB15 million, through the Office of the National Education Commission, to AIT to conduct 16 joint research projects with national state universities or research institutions during FY2002.

Presenting their progress reports last Friday, February 28, 2003 were the first eight selected AIT leaders and projects as follows:

  1. Identifying Strategies for Enhancing Water Transportation Usage in
    Bangkok: Discrete Choice Model Approach by Dr. Dongjoo Park.
  2. Rainfall Forecast in Bangkok by Radar by Dr. Ole Mark.
  3. The Asian Horizon 21 (AH 21): A trilateral AIT-KKU-CU Collaboration on Development of a New Application-Oriented Education and Research Program on Geosystem Exploration Technology for Thailand by Dr. Pham Huy Giao.
  4. Utilization of Vetiver Grass as Construction Materials by Dr. Pichai Nimityongsakul.
  5. Improvement of Production and Post Harvest Practices for Thai Rice Quality by Prof. Athapol Noomhorm.
  6. 3D Digital City Modeling: Some Case Studies for Protection of World
    Cultural Heritages in Thailand by Dr. Chen Xiaoyong.
  7. Utilization of Rice Bran for the Production of High Value Products by Dr. Sudip Kumar Rakshit.
  8. Strategic Human Resource Management for Firm Innovation And Competitive Advantage in the Manufacturing and Service Industries by Dr. Sunanta Siengthai.

Other eight projects receiving the grant are as follows:

  1. Automated Brokering for B2B E-Commerce by Dr. Peter Haddawy
  2. Development of Engineering Software Systems on High Performance Parallel Computers by Dr. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul
  3. A Logic-based Approach to Internet and Multi-agent Security by Prof. Phan Minh Dung
  4. Information Technology for Rural Development Planning in Thailand by Dr. Soparth Pongkwan
  5. Pilot-Scale Experimental Study for Piggery Wastewater andWaste Reclamation at Chachegsao Province, Thailand by Dr. Seunghwan Lee
  6. Organic Farming: Monitoring of the Quality of Farm Products Produced with Chitosan and other Non-Hazardous Biomaterials by Prof. Willem F. Stevens
  7. GIS Application on Road Accident Management System for Community Health Promotion by Prof. Yordphol Tanaboriboon
  8. Technology Transfer for Commercializing Freshwater Aquaculture in Northeast Thailand by Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe