Bio-innovation subject of November workshop

Bio-innovation subject of November workshop

AIT with support from the International Development Research Centre, is organizing a workshop on 'Integrated Policies for Bio-innovations in Agriculture and Health in Asia' 6 - 8 November 2006. Additional support for the workshop has been provided by the Rockefeller Foundation (Southeast Asia Regional Office) and the Asian Development Bank.

The workshop will bring together researchers, non-governmental organizations and policymakers from countries in South, Southeast and East Asia to examine existing policies on bio-innovations, identify existing research gaps and recommend a strategy for information sharing, learning across borders and partnering in the region.

The workshop will consist of plenary and working groups addressing the following broad themes: bio-innovation systems, policies and governance; social economic, ethical, equity and gender impacts; and international/ bilateral agreements, intellectual property rights and open models of bio-innovations.

The workshop will focus only on the priorities for policy-relevant research that could help Asian countries develop effective and integrated policies across different sectors. Technical aspects of bio-innovations, which are equally important in policy formulation, will not be covered.

For more information, contact Ms. Mary Rosary T. Caspillo, Ext. 5250 or e-mail: