Malaysia delegation explores collaboration

From left: Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Head-ERCO; Prof. Dr. Ahris Yaakup, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning; Dr. Ahmad Nazri B. Muhamad Ludin, Deputy Dean and Dr. Rafee Majid, Lecturer, Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning and Master Students form UTM

Malaysia delegation explores collaboration

A delegation from Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia (UTM) visited AIT on 29 August 2006. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about AIT and to seek opportunities for collaboration with AIT in student/faculty exchanges, joint research projects and faculty and staff development through both degree programs and AIT Extension.

The delegation consisted of Prof. Ahris Yaakup, Dr. Ahmad Nazri B. Muhamad Ludin and Dr. Rafee Majid, lecturer from UTM. They met with Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, head, External Relations and Communications Office.

Dr. L.A.S. Ranjith Perera, Coordinator/Urban Environmental Management receives the UTM delegation at the School of Environment, Resources and Development.

The delegation visited the School of Environment, Resources and Development and met Dr. L.A.S. Ranjith Perera, coordinator, Urban Environmental Management, Dr. Edsel Sajor, assistant professor from Urban Environmental Management and Dr. Chan Ngai Weng, visiting professor from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

The delegation then paid a visit to the School of Engineering and Technology, where Dr. Xiaoyong Chen, coordinator, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems and Dr. Poompat Saengudomlert, assistant professor, Telecommunications, received the delegation.