Korea University of Technology and Education evinces interest in AIT

The President of KUT evinced great interest in the possibility of
cooperation on the summer program as well as the short term training
with AIT Extension.

Possibilities of a faculty and student exchange, short term training
program, possibilities of a double degree program, student internships
in KUT partner private conglomerates such as Samsung was also

Apart from the KUT president, the delegation comprised of Mr. Jong Kil
PARK, Director General of Labor Education, Ministry of Labor (Republic
of Korea); and Dr. Jeong Shick YOON, Dean of External Cooperation,

The AIT delegation comprised of Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Vice
President for Resource Development (VP-RD) and Dean- School of
Engineering and Technology (SET); Dr. Barbara Igel, Dean -School of
Management (SOM); Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Director-AIT Extension; Dr. Pritam
K. Shrestha, Head-External Relation and Communication Office (ERCO);
and Mr. Tenzin Rabgyal, Program Officer, ERCO.

Prof. Worsak and Dr Pritam also elaborated on the new AIT Charter to
the visiting delegation and discussed the possibility of a visit of AIT
Board Chair and President to Korea by end of August 2009.

Later the KUT delegation visited the ISE laboratory and various other
parts of the AIT campus.

The Korea University of Technology
and Education (KUT)
was established in 1992 by the Korean Ministry
of Labor. Within a short time, it was Recognized as Best University (5
fields) by the Association of Korean Universities. KUT is well known
for providing an elite course to turn out engineering experts most
favored by business enterprises.

From left to right : Dr. Pritam K. Shrestha, Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Dr.
Barbara Igel, Dr. Jeong Shick YOON, Dr. Un-Ki JEON, Prof. Worsak
Kanok-Nukulchai, Mr. Jong Kil PARK and Mr. Tenzin