Successful career is a legitimate human right: expert

Mr. Edgar remarked that the three elements for a successful career
planning included identifying a purpose in life; growing to one’s
maximum potential; and maintaining relationships, developing a right
attitude and sticking to ethics. In an engrossing talk, he stressed the
need to constantly study, learn and improve. “Growing is important, and
it is a daily process”, he stated adding that success is determined by
one’s daily agenda.

Mr. Edgar emphasized the need for maintaining good relationships and
quoted a study from Stanford University to state that 78 per cent of
people change jobs because of the ‘relationships’ factor. He added that
relationships should not be based on manipulation, but on genuine human
ethics. “87 per cent of success in career comes from the ability to
connect with other people,” he remarked. In an interactive session with
AIT students, he suggested that situations should never be allowed to
become more important than relationships.

The talk on career planning was followed by a talk on conflict
resolution. The talk was organized by the Career Center of AIT.
Earlier, Ms. Ann V. Lopez Fontanilla, Head, Students Office welcomed
the delegate and thanked him for supporting AIT. According to Ms. Joan
Carla C. Gonzales, Coordinator, Career Center and Student Affairs, the
AIT Career Center will be organizing a talk every Wednesday at the
Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium for the next few weeks.

Mr. Edgar Samuel Sharuk, Chief of
Administration, Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, UNESCO
interacting with students of AIT at the Milton E. Bender Jr.