Nine scholarships for students from Bhutan

Under the scholarship scheme, Ministry of Education, Bhutan shall
nominate nine students starting from 2013. These students will be
selected from among the top 300 in the National level Exam in Bhutan.
Ministry of Education shall provide scholarship for six students
covering full tuition and registration fee, and provide for their
living cost. AIT will provide for scholarship to three students
covering full tuition and registration fee.

Signing the agreement, Mr. Tandin remarked that AIT enjoys an historic
relationship with Bhutan. “Even before we knew of any other educational
institution in Thailand, we knew about AIT,” he said. Mr. Tandin added
that AIT has collaborated with Bhutan in the field of Information and
Communication Technology. He also invited AIT to join the upcoming
Education City in Bhutan.

Welcoming the delegates, Prof. Irandoust said an AIT campus in Bhutan
would be a fulfillment of a big dream. Bhutan can be a potential
destination for AIT to expand, he added. Prof. Irandoust informed the
delegates of AIT’s new International Intergovernmental status. The AIT
President remarked that the Institute was in the process of putting
into place an internal quality assurance system. AIT continues to work
through its schools and various centers, he added.

AIT and the Ministry of Education also signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) to enable cooperation between the two for capacity
building of undergraduate students from Bhutan by providing
Mr. Tandin was accompanied by Mr. Baburam Sherpa, Chief Programme
Officer of Scholarship Division, and Mr. Singye Dorjee Senior Programme

Attending the event were Prof. I.M.Pandey, Vice President for Academic
Affairs; Dr. Nitin Afzulpurkar, Dean, School of Engineering and
Technology (SET); Dr. Sangam Shrestha of Water Engineering and
Management field of study, SET; Mr. Gyanendra R. Sthapit, Interim
Director, Habitech Center; Mr. Ahmd Amjad Ali, Head, External Relations
and Communications Office (ERCO); Mr. Tenzin Rabgyal, Senior Program
Officer, ERCO; and Ms. Tripti Rajbhandari, Program Officer, SET.