AIT readies for 118th Graduation at home in refurbished Auditorium

AIT readies for 118th Graduation at home in refurbished Auditorium

Key to the collective effort is the project to refurbish the AIT
Conference Center and Central Auditorium in time for the Commencement
Ceremony on December 18.

President Said Irandoust inspected the facilities on December 14 and
was pleased by what he saw.

“The auditorium is looking better than ever before,” he said,
“particularly the seating areas and new panel flooring.”

The new seats are larger and more comfortable than the previous seats,
he said. Overall the hall will accommodate 570 seats, up from the
previous 450 capacity.

Once the final touches are in place over the next few days, new
furniture will fill rooms such as the dining and meeting halls.
Eventually, a large wide-screen TV monitor will hang prominently
inside the entrance hall area of the AITCC.

A concerted effort to spruce up the campus fountain courtyard area saw
workers washing the grounds and manicuring some
newly-built specialized gardens.

“I expect our honored dignitaries and guests to be impressed with the
new interior of the AIT Conference Center,” the president said,
explaining the commitment to modernize the facility with inviting and
soothing aesthetics inside, such as rich wood finishing and new

“Things are on time and we are ready to welcome everyone for the
graduation,” the president confirmed, as he thanked Sodexo
officials and their staff for their extra effort to meet some
tough deadlines. “AIT welcomes everyone to celebrate our students'
success and our wonderful Institute,” President Irandoust

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