Norway adds 10 new scholarships for Myanmar students to study at AIT in 2013

The head of AIT’s External Relations and Communications Office, Mr.
Ahmed Amjad Ali, confirmed on April 16 that Norway will support a total
of 50 Myanmar students to enroll at AIT in 2013, up from the original
pledge of 40 scholarships for this year.

The increase to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ program,
valued at Thai Baht 160 million and lasting from 2012-2014, boosts the
overall three-year commitment to 130 scholarships, up from 120.

Following the launch of the scholarship agreement signed in
April 2012, over 800 prospective students in Myanmar applied for entry
to the program. Last year, following a rigorous testing process, a
select group of forty scholarship recipients gained entry to AIT. The
first batch is currently completing their first year of postgraduate

Overall, the Norwegian scholarship covers all tuition and registration
fees, research grant, bursary, accommodations, return air-ticket, as
well as costs for pre-entry bridging and pre-bridging programs designed
to raise entrants’ academic proficiency and ensure that they meet the
rigorous admissions requirements of AIT.