AIT Library Donation campaign kick starts with Myanmar donation

“This is one of the first donations and it should lead to more
contributions for rebuilding the AIT library,” Prof. Worsak remarked
while expressing his gratitude after receiving the donation. Prof.
Worsak remarked that the AIT alumni in Myanmar are a “great community”
and a closely-knit group, and that this gesture reflects their love for
their alma mater. The AIT President said that when the library building
is fully renovated, everyone should join hands to formally open the

The donation was handed over to Prof. Worsak and H.E. Dr. Sahas
Bunditkul, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and member of AIT
Board of Trustees on 29 January 2014.

Mr. Soe Myint, President, AIT Alumni Association (Myanmar Chapter)
stated that they are keen to assist in the AIT Library rebuilding
plans. “As soon as we learnt that a plan to rebuild the AIT library had
been formulated, we got together to contribute,” he added. Former
President of the Association, Ms. Alice Khin Aye Aye Mon remarked that
the AIT library was a part of the lives of all AIT students, and alumni
have fond recollections of the times spent in the library.

The surprise donation came up during the visit of Prof. Worsak to
Myanmar for the official launch of the 2014 Myanmar scholarships
provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for students to
study at AIT.

Later, the AIT President also signed a Memorandum of Understanding
(MoA) with the AIT Alumni Association, which formalizing the role of
AITAA (Myanmar Chapter) towards the National NMFA-AIT Scholarship
Secretariat for 2014. With the MoA, AIT has nominated the AITAA Myanmar
Chapter to set up a “National Scholarship Secretariat for Norwegian
Scholarships in Yangon for Myanmar Nations.” The MoA was signed by
Prof. Worsak and Mr. Soe Myint on the occasion of the AIT Promotional
Event organized at the Myanmar Engineering Society Auditorium for
potential applicants to AIT. One hundred students from various parts of
Myanmar attended the event where Prof. Worsak and Dr. Gabrielle Groves
of External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO) fielded
questions from potential students.

A photo album from the event can be viewed at these links:



Prof. Worsak Kano-Nukulchai at the Myanmar
Engineering Society auditorium elaborating about