Sri Lanka stars at the AIT Cultural Show

Sri Lanka stars at the AIT Cultural Show

Winning both Mr and Ms. AIT competitions, the Sri Lankan team also won
the first position in the non-traditional dance. and second place in
the talent show, group singing and drama competitions. Mr. Susith
Salgado won the Mr. AIT and Ms. Nayani Shashikala won the Ms AIT

Philippines won first place in the acoustic competition followed by
Myanmar in second spot and Nepal in third place. Myanmar also won
second place in the non-traditional dances followed by the Indian team
in the third place. Pakistan won the talent show and stole the
limelight in the drama competition pairing with Iran and India. In
group singing, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand won the first three
positions respectively.

The final results are:

Overall Winner: Sri Lanka

Acoustic Solo/Duet:
 I. Philippines
II. Myanmar
III. Nepal

Non- traditional Dance
I. Sri Lanka
II. Myanmar
III. India

Mr. AIT: Susith Salgado
Ms. AIT: Nayani Shashikala

Talent Show
I. Pakistan
II. Sri Lanka

Group Singing
I. Myanmar
II. Sri Lanka
III. Thailand

I. International team (India, Pakistan, Iran)
II. Sri Lanka