Thailand 4.0 will focus on investing on people: Minister Suvit Maesincee

Thailand 4.0 will focus on investing on people: Minister Suvit Maesincee

Elaborating on the vision of Thailand 4.0, Dr. Suvit Maesincee, Deputy
Minister of Commerce, Government of Thailand, said that this move will
herald a transition from an analog Thailand to a digital Thailand.
Technology investments will concentrate on food, agriculture and
biotechnology; health, wellness and biomedical sciences; smart devices,
robotics and mechatronics; digital technologies, Internet of Things
(IoT), artificial intelligence and embedded technology; and creative,
cultural and high-value services. The emphasis will be on social
infrastructure and creating an inclusive society based on a welfare
system, Dr.Suvit said, while delivering a special lecture on “Thailand
4.0” at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 30 August

Dr. Suvit described Thailand 4.0 as “Thriving in the 21st Century
through Security, Prosperity and  Sustainability.” Quoting
examples of the United States, United Kingdom, China, India and South
Korea, he mentioned that Thailand’s creative economy will be based on
the three pillars of Science, Technology, and Information and
Communication Technologies (ICT). Reforms will encompass economic
reforms, revamping of Science and Technology as well as “Research and
Development,” besides educational reform.

“The need for Thailand 4.0 arises since Thailand needs to avoid the
middle income trap, the inequality trap, and correct the imbalance
between humans and nature,” the Minister said. This can be achieved by
creating inclusive green growth engines, he added.

Strategic thrusts under Thailand 4.0 will include connectivity (local,
regional and global), and innovative community-drive enterprises. In
the field of trade, Thailand seeks to emerge as a node with efforts to
convert borders to bridges. He also postulated four shifts - from
national to a global market, from trade regulation to trade
facilitation, value-addition to value-creation, and a shift from trade
in goods to trade in services.

Dr. Suvit also spoke on the role that the Asian Institute of
Technology (AIT) could play in achieving the vision of Thailand

While welcoming Dr.Suvit, AIT President Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
stated that the Institute was keen to gain first-hand information about
Thailand 4.0. “While the first cycle, Thailand 1.0, emphasized on
enhancing the productivity of its agriculture sector; the second cycle,
Thailand 2.0, focused on light industries. The third cycle, Thailand
3.0, emphasized on heavy industries for continued economic growth,
which has helped transform its economy to the present middle‐income
status,” Prof. Worsak informed the audience, which included students,
faculty and staff members, alumni, and guests from partner
organizations. “This is an opportunity to hear directly from the person
who drove the Thailand 4.0 idea and has led this initiative from its
beginning,” Prof. Worsak added.

The AIT President also mentioned how, under the Thailand 4.0
initiative,  the Thai Government has established the Food
Innopolis Project to promote production, processing and marketing of
value‐added agricultural products. AIT has already signed an agreement
with the Minister of Science and Technology for the Food Innopolis
Project. To support Food Innopolis, AIT has proposed to host “The
International Center for Integrated Food Safety and Quality,” he

Dr. Suvit was also honored by Dr. Verapong Chaiperm, President of AIT
Alumni Association (Thai Chapter). Later Dr. Suvit toured an exhibition
of AIT products and innovations, and interacted with senior AIT faculty
members and experts.

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