Applications of Satellite Generated Data for Mitigating Flood Hazards in the Himalayas

Short Abstract:

Several severe flood incidents have been recorded in various parts of the Himalayas during the last years which have caused tremendous damage to life, property, infrastructure and economy. On the other side, it is well known that satellite based observations of atmospheric and weather conditions, in combination with ground based recordings, facilitate reliable weather forecasts for next 7-10 days. This lecture presents the examples of selected flood events in the Himalayas from 2011 to 2014 and highlights the capabilities various satellite data sets can provide for mitigating natural hazards, especially floods, in the Himalayas.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Shahnawaz is Director (S/E Asia), UNIGIS International at the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS, University of Salzburg, Austria. He obtained Ph.D in regional development from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and he focuses on developing international cooperation for GIScience education and research. For achieving this objective, he manages international projects, conducts faculty development workshops, coordinates capacity building sessions at international conferences and delivers invited lectures at various institutions and organisations regularly. He established UNIGIS network in Asia in 2004 and initiated joint-study programs with several partner institutions. He is Board of Study member at 6 Universities and visiting/adjunct faculty at 4 universities in the region.

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(There will be 10 minutes break after first part of seminar that will be followed by demonstration of the technique.)