Lecture on Potential Applications of UAVs in Disaster Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Response

About the Speaker

Dr. Hiroshi Inoue is currently working as the Principal Senior Researcher at the Disaster Risk Research Unit of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED), Japan. Dr. Inoue has a Ph.D. in Seismology from the Nagoya University in Japan and his work focuses on development of information gathering and utilization systems for disaster monitoring and response using UAVs. Dr. Inoue has also extensively used UAVsĀ  for disaster risk assessment as well as post-disaster damage mapping and he has worked in Bhutan, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Philippines and Tonga. He has used UAVs for earthquake fault mapping, landslide debris mapping, coastal terrace mapping, volcano crater monitoring and mapping buildings for exposure and risk assessment.