Lecture on “Challenges in qualitative interview: Interviewee-interviewer relationship”

Lecture by Dr. Lotta O. ​Kokkonen, University Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Ethical issues in research are not only a chapter or a paragraph towards the end of one’s research report, but something one should be thinking throughout research process. Ethical considerations should be a part of deciding on the research topic, data collection, as well as reporting the results. In this lecture we will focus on collecting data through interviews. The aim of this lecture is to create understanding of the relational aspects and ethical considerations of collecting data through interviewing people.Often in literature on qualitative research it is stressed that a researcher should be aware of one’s position in a given socio economic and historical context, and how these positions will influences data collection, in this case interviews. Research interviews has often see as interaction between the interviewer and the interviewees. Within interaction information and meanings are created cooperatively and negotiated through communication and dialogue (e.g. Fontana & Frey 2000; Holstein & Gubrium, 2003; Kvale & Brinkmann, 2009; Riessman, 2008; Russel & Kelly 2002; Silverman 1997). Structure of the interview and field specific expectations will, of course, guide how much the interviewer is expected to influence the situation, discussion and the outcomes (Scheibelhofer 2008).Key concepts discussed during the lecture include relationship, trust, listening, power, and subjectivity. These concepts are discussed from a relational perspective, thus the aim is to enhance students’ awareness of several ethical issues concerning qualitative data collected through interviews.


More details about the speaker are available at this link: https://kielikeskus.jyu.fi/en/contact/staff/kokkonen-lotta