Lecture on Social networks and networking as a part of academic professionalism

Lecture by Dr. Lotta O. ​Kokkonen, University Jyvaskyla, Finland.
Abstract:Modern work life calls for competencies that enable people to be creative, innovative and effective. Studies looking at contemporary enterprises and organizations, such as business organizations and schools, have showed that many of the qualifications that graduate students would need are being associated with communication competencies, and with social networks. These include informal learning (e.g. Gielen, Hoeve & Nieuwenhuis 2003), innovativeness (e.g. Moolenaar & Sleegers 2010; Obstfeld 2005) and creativity (e.g. Burt 2004; Perry-Smith & Shalley 2003; Raile et al 2008) among many others. Researchers and other academic professionals are not an exception in this.

The aim of this lecture is to enhance awareness of the role of social networks, and overall communication competence within academic professionalism. During the lecture students are engaged in reflecting their own social networks and communication competence.  Communication competence, and networking, are something to be learned. Thus, the aim of the lecture is to encourage students to develop their communication competence and social networks as part of their academic careers.

More details about the speaker are available at this link: https://kielikeskus.jyu.fi/en/contact/staff/kokkonen-lotta