AIT signs agreement with CIFS for better traffic management practices

AIT signs agreement with CIFS for better traffic management practices

CIFS and AIT will jointly focus on educational research and conduct
in-depth studies aimed at boosting road safety, prevention of road
accidents, and suggest measures that can help in reducing injuries and
fatalities caused by accidents. The two organizations will also
cooperate in exchanging information and enhancing knowledge, experience
and academic data. Included in the agreement is a focus on
investigating accidents, and developing an analysis of accident
locations and suggesting measures to avoid and reduce accidents.

Welcoming the CIFS delegation, Prof. Worsak stated that AIT is
committed towards working with partners that can benefit the public at
large. AIT is grateful to the Royal Thai Government for providing land,
and we feel that it is our obligation to return this favour by working
with the host country, Prof. Worsak added.

Mr. Somn Promaros of CIFS stated that prevention of road accidents is
a priority issue for Thailand. An analysis of factors that cause road
accidents can help the country in reducing accidents, he added. He also
thanked AIT for collaborating with CIFS. The CIFS Director General was
accompanied by a senior delegation including Mr. Triyarith Temhivong,
Deputy Director, CIFS; and Mr. Suranarong Srisuwan, Director, Forensic
Services Division.

Dr. Kunnawee Kanitpong, Director, Thailand Accident Research Center
(TARC), AIT elaborated on the research being conducted by TARC and AIT
in the field of traffic management. Presenting the case of motorcycle
transport in Thailand. Dr. Kunnawee mentioned the high percentage of
motorcycle registrations in Thailand as compared to other modes of
transport. She mentioned how both macro and micro data analysis of
accidents was being analyzed for suggesting remedial practices.

At the MoU signing ceremony, AIT was represented by Prof. Worsak,
Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, Vice President for Administration;
    Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul, Dean, School of
Engineering and Technology (SET); Dr. Kunnawee Kanitpong, Director,
TARC; Ms. Chalita Lertwinyu, Director, Office of Host Country Relations
(OHCR); and Ms. Wannapa Pliansri, Coordinator, Royal Thai Government