INDEX offers three bonded scholarships for AIT students

INDEX offers three bonded scholarships for AIT students

Index International Group Company has announced the grant of three bonded scholarships for Thai nationals to pursue Master’s degree programs at AIT. A cheque of three million THB was handed over by Dr. Chainarong Na Lamphun, President and CEO of Index International Group Company, to Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, President of AIT on 30 May 2017.

Dr. Chainarong, who is an AIT alumnus, remarked that AIT had provided him, his family, and his company with both education and a network of connections. “We benefited from AIT in many ways - in terms of learning about technology, gaining experience and building networks,” he said.

In return we want to support AIT and contribute towards the development of the region by offering these scholarships, Dr. Chainarong said.

Dr. Chainarong was accompanied by his sons and daughter (all of whom are AIT graduates) — Dr. Phannachet Na Lamphun (Ph.D., Information and Communication Technologies, 2012), Dr. Pornlapas Na Lamphun (Ph.D., School of Management, 2012), and Mr. Rathawit Na Lamphun (MBA, 2015); and Mrs. Nannapat Kongrod, Director and Assistant CEO of Index.

Two scholarships are meant for Thai nationals to pursue a two-year Master’s degree program in the field of Structural Engineering and Transportation Engineering respectively at the School of Engineering and Technology (SET); while the third scholarship is meant for an MBA student at the School of Management (SOM). The scholarships will commence in August 2017.