50 Scholarships from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

50 Scholarships from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Royal Thai Government has announced the launch of a new scholarship program for its employees to pursue Master’s and Doctoral programs at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Fifty employees (25 each for Master’s and Doctoral students) will be granted scholarships over the next five years (2018-2022).

The official announcement was made following the meeting of the Thai cabinet on 3 July 2018. Col. Athisith Chainuwat, Assistant Spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister, stated that the scholarships will be awarded for studies in engineering, environment, and management. A sum of 61.80 million Baht has been allocated for a period of five years. Scholarship recipients will have to return to work in the Ministry following their education.

The decision follows a review by the Civil Service Commission, which stipulated the need for human resource development in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. It was estimated that the Ministry needs to upgrade its manpower, and research and development capabilities, in light of the impending retirement of its senior employees.

Recipients of the scholarships will have to focus on research, knowledge development, and production and development of agricultural products. This is the fourth phase of the scholarship project, and it succeeds the third phase of the Overseas Scholarship Project, that expired in 2017.

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