Take Advantage of New Opportunities at AIT: President Woon

Take Advantage of New Opportunities at AIT: President Woon

President Dr. Eden Y. Woon

For the 400-plus students hailing from 32 countries who are making the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) their new home, Institute President Dr. Eden Y. Woon had a fresh and welcoming message: “Take Advantage of New Opportunities at AIT.”

As the Institute celebrates 60 years of existence, it is transforming itself, and this transformation is bringing new opportunities for AIT students, with the Edmond Yue Exchange Scholarship Program being one such initiative. The goal is to have 100 of our students travel abroad on exchange programs and internships. President Woon highlighted the strategic initiative he has been championing — I2E2S2 (Innovation, International, Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Stakeholders, and Support), stressing that for AIT, the most important stakeholders are its students.

The latest intake includes students from 32 countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania, with Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, India, and Bangladesh being the top five points of origin of students.

Also addressing the new students were the three Vice Presidents: Prof. Deepak Sharma (Academic Affairs), Dr. Naveed Anwar (Knowledge Transfer), and Mr. Russell Bruce Rein (Administration). President of the Students Union (SU) Mr. Nattana Promsuk introduced the array of activities planned by SU during this semester as his team broke the ice with the new students with some warm up games.

The Student Union and other responsible AIT staff briefed the new students on various services available to them, including the new Entrepreneurship Center.