AIT Received Support towards Updating GTE Laboratory Equipment

AIT Received Support towards Updating GTE Laboratory Equipment

On 19th February 2021, Mrs. Rinyapat Ariyapolchaichod, Managing Director at K Group Drilling & Engineering Co., Ltd., (KGD) signed a donation agreement with AIT President, Dr. Eden Y. Woon, to support the amount of THB 600,000 towards the Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering (GTE) laboratory, School of Engineering & Technology (SET).

Dr. Eden Woon, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Rinyapat, and mentioned that being an international Institute, AIT does not have co-funding in order to generate its income for its operations. Therefore, donations for student research from companies and alumni are very important components for the Institute.

Prof. Dieter Trau, Dean SET, stated that the donation will provide benefit to the School and students. He thanked Mrs. Rinyapat for her interest in providing student internship opportunities for AIT master’s students.

Mrs. Rinyapat was delighted to provide this donation which will help increase GTE’s capability in soil testing.

Mr. Ratthanin Sangsayan, AIT PhD student (husband of Mrs. Rinyapat), also attended the signing ceremony.