“5-Minute Research Pitching” Workshop and Competition

“5-Minute Research Pitching” Workshop and Competition

By Arthur Lance Gonzales and Ranadheer Mandadi

October 30, 2021 -- The two-day "5-Minute Research Pitching" Workshop and Competition, organized by the Office of the Special Degree Programs, attracted a big turnout on 29-30 October 2021. The event has given an opportunity for the emerging young researchers from 10+ countries to present their research ideas and innovations. A total of 130 applications from 18 universities were received and 80 applicants were able to make it to the final pitching competition event.

This 5-minute Research Pitch idea was adopted from the format of the globally recognized research presentation format called 3-minute Thesis (3MT) which originated in Australia in 2008 and recently became a popular format for research presentation.

The first day (29th Oct) was a workshop for the participants explaining the structuring of content and slides and briefing on the basic rules and guidelines of the 5MRP. while the second day (30th Oct) was the pitching competition where participants were divided according to their subject of study. The pitching competition categories were in engineering and technology, health and environment, social business, agriculture and food technology and information and communication and technology.  Mentors who are experts from their respective fields were invited to provide guidance and sound advice on how to pitch their ideas in 5 minutes using only 5 slides which were evaluated by respected juries.

An invited panel of jury members coming from different fields of expertise evaluated the students’ presentations. After the competition, 4 students from Mariano Marcos State University (Philippines), 1 student from University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (Philippines) and 1 student from Visayas State University (Philippines) emerged as winners in this 1st Research Pitching Competition by AIT.