Invitation to the Circular Economy Webinar Episode III – EV Battery Recycling

Invitation to the Circular Economy Webinar Episode III – EV Battery Recycling

During the last 30-years Thailand has been one of the top 12 car manufacturing countries in the world, and she is aiming to be one of the world’s hub for Electric Vehicles manufacturing as well. More than 10 international car manufacturers have started or are planning to start EV and hybrid vehicle assemblies in Thailand, and also some of the world’s largest EV battery factories are under construction here.

Another 5-10 years from now, we can expect hundreds of thousands of ’end of life’ Li-Ion batteries to be in our hands. How we can handle this hazardous waste stream? How to recover these valuable and hard to get Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel metals?

Finland has had a mandate to develop EU level strategies for EV vehicle batteries recycling and management. Fortum Waste Solutions have been one of the leading companies in developing battery recycling plants, and is looking for strategic partnerships for future developments. Metso-Outotec Group is a frontrunner in end-to-end solutions for the aggregates, minerals processing, metal refining and recycling industries globally.

Likewise, Energy Absolute is leading the development in Thailand is building one of the world’s largest Li-Ion battery factory at Chachoengsao. This is one of the several EV battery or energy storage projects in Thailand, so recovering and recycling valuable metals from the end of live batteries will be essential.

This Webinar with the leading experts from Thailand and Finland aims to capture the robustness of these developments, sharing the experiences and lessons learnt. What are the major development challenges in the future and how we can tackle them? Come Join us in afternoon session of Tuesday, 14 December 2021 ! !

We hope that you will be able to join us and contribute to this event. Join us on Tuesday, 14 December 2021 at 13:30 hrs. (Bangkok time)

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