Audit Committee

Asian Institute ofTechnology
The Board ofTrustees

The bye-law 4.12 states

"The Executive Committee shall appoint from among its members an AuditCommittee to ensure that the financial transactions of the Instituteare in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Institute. Itwill ensure that they conform to established policies and procedures,that the assets of the Institute are protected, preserved and used forthe furtherance of the Institute’s objectives and that the reportedfinancial results reflect the actual operations and state of affairs ofthe Institute. The Committee is composed up to four members, one ofthem being appointed as Chairman by the Executive Committee. At leasttwo of the members shall be located in Thailand. The ExecutiveCommittee, may on the recommendation of the Audit Committee assign anInternal Auditor who is to report to the Audit Committee."



Mr. Sumate Yamnoon, Ph.D

Former Secretary-General, Office of the Higher Education Commissionof Thailand


Ambassador Pradap Pibulsonggram

Ambassador of Thailand rtd., and
Thailand Representative to the ASEAN Connectivity CoordinatingCommittee

Mr. Robert James Kay

Executive Vice President, GMS Power Public Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lee Pit Teong

Chairman of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

As of 26 February 2017