An applicant must apply to only one of the academic programs leading to the degree of Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Master in Agribusiness Management, Master in Energy Business, Professional Master, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Business Administration. No applicant is admitted to more than one academic program at a time.


Eligibility Requirements for the Master’s Degree Program

To be eligible for admission to the regular master's program, an applicant must:

  • hold a Bachelor degree (normally from a four-year program), or its equivalent, in an appropriate field of study from an institution of good standing acceptable to AIT.
  • have undergraduate grades significantly above average; the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the Master's Program is 2.75 or equivalent at the Bachelor degree level;
  • be in satisfactory physical and mental health, and have a record of good conduct;
  • For the professional Master's degree program, in addition to the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, an applicant must:
    • have at least 3 years of work experience in areas related to the academic program at AIT and
    • be executives in organizations/companies.

For applicants with minimum CGPA at the bachelor degree level of less than 2.75 or equivalent, the Certificate leading to Master is being offered by AIT.

  • Full-time Certificate leading to Master students completing the minimum course credit requirement and attaining a CGPA of at least 2.75 (SERD & SET) and 3.00 (SOM) at the end of the first or second semester are eligible for transfer to the Master Degree program.
  • Students who are not eligible for transfer to the Master Degree program are awarded with the Certificate or Diploma.

To be eligible for admission to the regular Doctoral degree program, an applicant must:

  • have strong academic records (both undergraduate and graduate) and normally hold a four-year bachelor's degree, and a Master's degree, preferably with a combination of course and thesis work, from an institution of good standing, acceptable to AIT. The minimum GPA requirement for admission to the doctoral program is 3.50 or equivalent at the master's degree level.
  • submit a brief outline of dissertation research proposal including the required research facilities, if necessary.
  • receive a written confirmation that a faculty member at AIT is available and willing to supervise.

For applicants with minimum CGPA at the master's degree level of less than 3.50 or equivalent, the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Program is being offered by AIT.

  • Full-time CAS students completing the minimum course credit requirement and attaining a CGPA of at least 3.50 at the end of the second semester are eligible for transfer to the Doctoral Degree program.
  • Students who are not eligible for transfer to the Doctoral Degree program are awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Eligibility Requirements for the Diploma, Certificate and Special Program

Diploma Program

The eligibility requirements for the Diploma program are the same as those entering the master's degree program. Candidates with only average undergraduate grades may be admitted to the Diploma Program if they have at least two years of professional experience after completing their Bachelor's degree.

Certificate Program

Certificate students need to satisfy the eligibility requirements similar to those entering the master's degree program and have the appropriate background to take selected courses. In exceptional cases, candidates who lack formal academic qualifications but who have extensive and appropriate professional experience may be considered for admission; the discretion in such cases rests with the School Deans.

Special Program

Candidates coming to AIT for programs or courses of at least one semester are considered as Special students. Candidates under non-degree academic exchange agreements between AIT and their home universities are also enrolled at AIT as Special students.

Eligibility Requirements for Fellows of AIT

Individuals whose qualifications are considered acceptable and who have requested to be attached to the Institute to do research are considered for an appointment as `Fellows of AIT'. A Fellow of AIT has the privilege to use Institute research facilities, the library and recreational facilities and may audit courses with the permission of the instructor. To apply, candidates must submit to the relevant School an AIT Application (Form 1), a copy of CV and a research study plan. Fellows of AIT are endorsed by the relevant School Deans and are formally invited to the Institute by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  • A candidate, who has completed a doctoral degree from an institution recognized by AIT, is offered admission as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.
  • A candidate whose qualifications are equivalent to an AIT master's degree student is considered for admission as a Research Fellow

Eligibility Requirements for Bridging Program

The Bridging Program helps prospective students prepare for the graduate study conducted in English at AIT. Since its implementation in 1993 under Sida support, it has been helping to strengthen participants’ English proficiency and academic abilities, specifically by developing their potential to plan and carry out research work and their confidence and skills to undertake self-directed learning. While a member of the Bridging Program, you will live and learn in an English-speaking environment, become accustomed to the way things work at AIT, and begin to feel at home in AIT’s multicultural community. The length of the Bridging Program is eight weeks.  For details, please visit the Language Center


AIT is an international institute with a mission to serve as a platform for international students from the full spectrum of highly developed to less developed countries. Its residential campus is today a small replica of the world without borders. English is, therefore, its official media, not only in the classroom but for everyday life, in the interaction among all members of the AIT Community.

Although AIT has an expectation for a level of English proficiency for students to be admitted, we realize that there are some very good students from non-native English speaking countries, whom we would not want to miss. Thus, AIT encourages all students who are academically qualified to apply to AIT, despite their shortcomings in English. AIT offers to assist these students by helping them develop their English proficiency either before or during their enrollment at AIT. Before graduation, AIT wants to ensure that our graduates will be competent not only in their specialized areas but also in English communication so they can comfortably advance to become future global leaders in the globalization age.

There are three ways to satisfy the AIT English requirements for admission.

  1. Official Test Score- Submit an official test score (Writing Band/Section Only)

    (Test scores are valid for only two years).

AIT is committed to investing in our students’ English multi-literacy proficiency and success. The institute has a human development mandate and works with students to ensure professional competency. Thus, we provide courses in academic English literacy development to assist students who are offered admission with a condition to improve their English skills while studying at AIT. All required academic English literacy courses throughout the duration of the study (focusing on oral expression, academic text analysis, and academic writing) are included in the 5,000 Baht one-time flat fee that students are required to pay at entry.

Applicants who wish to apply for Scholarships must submit an official English score (writing band/section only), in order to meet the specific requirements of the Scholarships, which may vary from one type of scholarship to another.

IELTS (Writing Band) or AIT English Entry Test (AIT-EET) Required Courses* Remarks
4.5 Bridging Program (6 weeks before the start of the program)


On the assumption that upon completing the Bridging Program, applicants can attain an entry score of 5 or higher prior to the start of their study program at AIT.In case the donors of the students are not able to cover the full Bridging Program fee and for applicants who are academically qualified for admission except for the English proficiency, the related schools will provide 50% of the Bridging Program fee, and the individual applicants will pay for the rest.
5.0 EL 15 ** Minimum entry requirements with conditions for Master’s applicants
5.5 EL 19 ** Minimum entry requirements with conditions for doctoral applicants
6.0 or higher English requirements satisfied


* All required English courses throughout the duration of the study (focusing on all 4 skills of English) are included in the 5,000 Baht one-time flat fee which students are required to pay at entry.

**Applicants admitted with conditions need to satisfy the English language requirement of 6.0 AIT-EET (or equivalent) before the third semester of study, prior to registering for Ma/PhD thesis credits or research related

In the table below, other English Test may be considered based on equivalent scores to the IELTS, or applicants can apply for AIT English Entry Test (AIT-EET)   conducted by AIT's Language Center  



(Writing Band/Section Only)






(Writing Band)


(Writing band)


(Writing Band)



4.5 4.5 475 (49-51) 152 (17-19) 50 (12-13) B2
5 5 500 (52-55) 173 (20-22) 60 (14-17) B2
5.5 5.5 525 (56-58) 196 (23-24) 70 (18-20) B2
6 6 550 (59-61) 213 (25-26) 80 (21-23) B2

2. Exemption

Applicants who are citizens of and have been educated in an English- speaking country (e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) are exempted. Proof of citizenship and studies must be submitted.

3. Certificate of English Medium Instruction

Applicants who have earned a degree at a university at which English is the sole medium of instruction in a country which has English as an official language may submit a document signed by the University Registrar attesting to English medium instruction. Applicants who submit a certificate are requested to sit the AIT Academic Writing Test upon arrival to determine their level of proficiency on the AIT scale.

AIT English Language Testing

The AIT Language Center conducts two types of tests: the AIT English Entry Test (AIT EET) for applicants to AIT, and the AIT Writing Placement Test (AWPT) for enrolled students to update and validate their English writing proficiency scores.