List of Courses in School of Environment, Resources and Development

  1. AgriBusiness Management
  2. Agricultural Systems & Engineering
  3. Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management
  4. Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  5. Department of Development and Sustainability- Department-wide courses
  6. Development and Sustainability
  7. Development Planning Management and Innovation
  8. Energy
  9. Environmental Engineering and Management
  10. Environment and Sustainable Development
  11. Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology
  12. Food Innovation, Nutrition and Health
  13. Gender and Development Studies
  14. Marine Plastics Abatement
  15. Natural Resources Management
  16. Regenerative Sanitation
  17. Regional and Rural Development Planning
  18. Sustainable Energy Transition
  19. Urban Environmental Management
  20. Society and Environmental Governance
  21. Urban Sustainability Planning and Design
  22. Urban Innovation and Sustainability