Program Offerings

The Institute offers Doctoral Degrees, Executive Master's Degree, Master's Degrees, Diploma & Certificate Programs, Non-degree programs & Intensive English language.

For eligibility requirements on the Degree Programs, please visit the Admissions website.

For non-degree training, please visit the AIT Extension and Language Center

No. You can only apply to one academic program at any time but you can indicate your first choice and your second choice of academic program. Your first choice of study will be the basis for your application assessment.

Master's Degree students normally study for 22 months which includes four semesters, two short breaks and one long break between semesters. Doctoral students study for at least 42 months or seven semesters. The Diploma Program is at least 12 months or two semesters and the Certificate Program is 5 months or one semester.


Application to AIT is now fully online. Thus, please apply using the Online Application System

Two letters of Recommendation are required. At least one of these Letters of Recommendation must be completed by a university faculty member. Each form must be completed by the referee him/herself, otherwise, it will be invalid.

Applicants from selected countries will be called for interview. The School will contact you directly for the arrangement.

No. As the application assessment varies from each intake, your application in the next intake must be as competitive as those with others applying in that same intake.

Yes, all AIT programs are conducted in English; thus, you will need to provide proof of adequate English language proficiency. There are three ways to provide proof of adequate English language proficiency.

  1. Citizenship of an English speaking country. Applicants who are citizens of and have been educated in an English- speaking country (e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) are exempted. Proof of citizenship and studies must be submitted.
  2. Certificate of English Medium Instruction. Applicants who have earned a degree at a university at which English is the sole medium of instruction may submit a document signed by the University Registrar attesting to English medium instruction. Applicants who submit a certificate are requested to sit the AIT Academic Writing Test upon arrival to determine their level of proficiency on the AIT scale.
  3. Approved test of English language proficiency. Applicants with good undergraduate records and minimum scores on official tests of English proficiency can be admitted without conditions. The approved tests and minimum scores are: AIT EET 6 and IELTS 6. Other test scores such as TOEFL-Internet-based / computer-based / paper-based; CET 4 (China); CEFR; and, TOEIC may be considered based on equivalent scores to the IELTS. Students with good academic records with lower scores may receive “conditional admission”. They will be required to attend English classes at AIT until their scores improve. They are also strongly recommended to attend the AIT Bridging Program (June – July) to satisfy the minimum English language requirements for admission.

Those people interested in applying who do not meet the minimum English proficiency requirements for admission or conditional admission are recommended to study English in their home countries until they are ready to re-apply. For more details on the Bridging Program and the Foundation Program please visit the Language Center website: www.languages.ait.asia.

The Language Center (LC) offers a 90 minute in-house test of English proficiency called the AIT English Entry Test (EET). The score is based on a nine point scale similar to the IELTS test. The Writing score, which is the most important at AIT, is based on an essay. The test result will be e-mailed within 3-7 days. The LC will report the test result to the AIT Admissions only if the score is satisfactory for provisional admission. If applicants fail to obtain the minimum score requirements for admission, they may take the test again.

There is no limit to the number of times they can take the test, but we encourage applicants to study and improve their English before retesting. The test is conducted several times per week on campus in Thailand and by appointment at the AIT Center in Vietnam.

Alternatively the test can be taken online through our online EET test application. AIT also has agents in Yangon, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Kabul and Bandung, who can arrange to conduct tests.

For on-campus in Thailand and online tests appointments can be made online through www.languages.ait.ac.th, by email: lctesting@ait.ac.th or by phone 02-524-6623. For further information on registration, fees, methods of payment and available testing dates please visit our website: http://languages.ait.ac.th/english-entry-test-for-applicants or send an email to lctesting@ait.ac.th.

You can find the information on English classes being offered to applicants from the Language Center website.

Yes, the Language Center offers Thai courses.

All new students who have either not submitted a test score for admission (e.g., those who submitted a certificate of English medium of instruction) or who have submitted scores from a one of these tests – CEFR, all types of TOEFL and TOEIC – must take the AIT Writing Placement Test (AWPT) to validate their writing scores and to be able to register for classes.

The writing test consists of two tasks. The first is a description of data (75-100 words), and the second is an essay (250 – 350 words). These two tasks are scored on a nine point scale. (The criteria for scoring are similar to those for the IELTS academic writing test.) For more information visit:

An AWPT score of 6 or IELTS writing score of 6.0 (or LC approved equivalent), or satisfactory completion of EL 19 (Pass), or for SOM students English Language and Business Communications, should be attained by the end of the second semester. This will be a condition for registration for dissertation / thesis / research study / project. (This is applicable to all students from January 2016 intake and onwards and for SOM students from August 2017 onward).

Students with AWPT score below 6.0 are required to take extra English Language (EL) courses at the AIT Language Center until they have met the English language requirements. Students who wish to attend English courses outside AIT in lieu of the EL courses need to seek prior approval of the Language Center before the start of the program and need to provide proof of attendance. For more information on the English language requirements visit: https://www.ait.ac.th/admissions/eligibility/#accordions-group-6

Fees and Costs

The processing fee is Baht 800 or US$25.

It must be sent together with your application. Payment must be received in order for your application to be processed. You can pay your application fee by credit card or bank draft. If you are paying by credit card: Fill in all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date, and card billing information. Mode of payment is available in the Admission's website. Payment by money transfer through bank account is not acceptable.

Processing Fees (US$25 or Baht 800) can be paid online using credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.) before submitting the application online or through your friends in Thailand

Fees can also be paid through western union, in this regard, please write to admissions@ait.ac.th for further details.

If you are not able to pay online or western union, payment can be made through bank transfer to AIT bank account. Once the payment is done through bank transfer, please send the bank transaction detail to admissions@ait.ac.th to process your application internally.

Yes, we have various forms of financial packages available to highly-qualified applicants from funds granted by donors as well as from AIT itself. Please check this site: Scholarships

Bank account details:

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand
  • Bank account name: Asian Institute of Technology
  • Bank current account number 468-046301-2 or
  • Bank savings account number 405-999567-0
  • Bank address: 95 Moo 8, Klong Nueng, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand

The different program of study costs are in this site: https://www.ait.ac.th/admissions/expenses/

Yes, you can defer your entry until the next academic semester. However, the financial conditions of the admission may change depending on the competitive assessment for the next semester. You are also required to pay the application processing fee to reactivate your admission.

Financial Support

Yes, we have various forms of financial packages available to highly-qualified applicants from funds granted by donors as well as from AIT itself. Please check this site: Scholarships

AIT offers a limited number of financial awards in the form of scholarships and fellowships for the Master's and Doctoral programs, on a highly competitive basis, to applicants who have been evaluated as outstandingly qualified for admission and who can show proof of financial need during their study at AIT. For details, please go to Scholarships.


While most students are admitted in August semester, for flexibility, students can be admitted into certain fields in January semester. Doctoral students may enter either January or August semester. For more details on specific application deadlines, please visit the Admission Deadlines.

Yes, you can defer your entry until the next academic semester. However, the financial conditions of the admission may change depending on the competitive assessment for the next semester. You will have to pay the application processing fee to reactivate your admission.

Services and Facilities

Pick-up service from the airport is free of charge if arrival is during the arrival period. The pick-up service is provided by the Student Union. If arrival is not within the set arrival period, you have to arrange your own transportation from the airport to AIT. For details, please refer to Guidelines.

AIT provides limited computer facility for each school where computing access is available. You are encouraged to have your own personal computer. All classrooms & dormitory rooms are provided with link to the AIT local area network LAN and Wifi.

Yes, AIT will assist in arranging for your Education Visa through the AIT Government Relations Unit.

Yes, AIT has a standard insurance plan which covers certain costs of hospitalization, outpatient treatment, dental and personal accident but not major medical expenses.

Yes, AIT offers on-campus accommodation on a limited basis. In case on-campus accommodation is not available, you may choose to live off-campus. AIT Accommodation office will provide assistance for off-campus accommodation. Email: accommodation@ait.ac.th Tel: +66-524-5093

Yes, as long as all financial obligation has been settled.

Yes. Once enrolled and usually with second semester onwards, you may request a written permission from the School Dean and the Director of Office of Student Affairs to live off campus on your own.

No. Most dormitory units provide linen, pillow, bed sheets and towel which are regularly cleaned and maintained by the cleaning services. However, students who will avail of married accommodation and Category 2 units are required to provide their own linens.

There are several convenience stores on campus where you can get most basic supplies for daily living such as 7-Eleven, but quality and choice may be limited and prices higher than in local markets. Additional shops are located in the AIT Arcade, specifically a bakery, a shop that sells snacks and toiletries, clothing and souvenier stores, a book and stationery shop, salon shops, a tailor and an IT shop.

The AIT Cafeteria on campus serves Asian, Halal, Western, Thai, and Vegetarian dishes. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. where you can find Minimum cost meals worth 50 - 60 Baht. At SU Snack food vendors sells Halal dishes. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. There are also a number of coffee shops in different academic buildings which are open during office hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Kiosk shops available for specific types of food around the campus which are open till 8:30 p.m. We have also convenience stores (Lawson 108 and 7-Eleven) which are open 24 hours a day. Students, however, should not always expect to be able to obtain food of exactly the kind they are used to.

Under the Royal Thai Government regulations, students are not allowed to obtain employment outside the AIT campus.

Students, who are married and wish to bring their families to AIT, need to submit a copy of passport and a copy of marriage certificate or evidence to support the marital status. Please be advised that no spouse or family member is allowed on-campus accommodation until availability of married unit has been confirmed in writing by the student Accommodation Officer. Please also note that under the Thai Immigration Laws, no dependents of Non-Thai AIT students are permitted to work outside AIT under a dependent (Category O) visa. For further inquiries on student accommodation, please contact the Student Accommodation Unit at e-mail: accomodation@ait.asia, Tel: (66-2) 524 5093.

Campus Location

For details, please click Visit.

Student Union

For details, please visit: http://www.su.ait.ac.th

Contact: supresident@.ait.ac.th Tel: +66-2524-5979


In order to reactive your application, you have to pay again an application fee and send the receipt to admissions@ait.asia.

Upon enrollment – academic issues

All students are expected to attend their classes as per the semester class schedules.

Yes. Certification or transcript will be provided upon request.

For certain joint degrees and exchange programs, the Institute allows credit transfer (but not grade transfer) as stipulated in the agreements signed with partner universities.

Students are not required to wear any uniform. Please note that the climate in Thailand is generally hot & humid. Light clothing is recommended. However, students are expected to wear semi-formal/casual attire in class.