Guidelines for Applicants who were Offered Admission

The offer of admission letter provides details on the study program at AIT, financial conditions and required documents to be submitted. The applicant must confirm acceptance of the offer of admission. Upon confirmation, the AIT Admissions Office will send a Certificate of Admission and Visa Letter to apply for education visa “ED” to be issued only after the applicant has sent back the following documents, duly signed and certified:

(i)      Acceptance of Admission
(ii)     Certificate of Health
(iii)    Financial Assurance Form and Financial Acceptance Form
(iv)    In case of admission with scholarship, the Notice of Financial Support Form, as well as other required documents mentioned in the offer letter.


  • The conditions of the offer of admission are not negotiable and cannot be changed after your enrollment at AIT.
  • Please note that without the confirmation of admission and particularly without the proper ED visa approval from the Thai Embassy, applicants from outside Thailand must not proceed to Thailand.
  1. a) Passport and Visa
  • Apply for a passport at once if you do not have one, and make sure it is valid for your entire stay at AIT.
  • Contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate (in person or by letter or download from local Thai Embassy website) and request application forms for a non-immigrant visa for educational purposes (ED). In your passport, you must have "ED" type visa. If you come with other type of visa such as official "F", or Tourist "T", upon arrival, you will be sent back immediately to home country to obtain proper educational visa to travel to Thailand i.e. ED Visa.
  • Please show the AIT visa request letter and AIT Certificate of Admission as proof of your purpose in coming to Thailand.
  • Some Thai embassies may also request you to show the AIT offer letter. You must apply for a non-immigrant visa (code "ED"); please do not apply for a tourist visa.
  • Submit your passport with your visa application (attach all required documents including police clearance certificate) to the Thai Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible so that it can be processed in time.
  • You must travel to Thailand on a valid passport, if your passport is not in order, you will be sent home immediately. AIT cannot, under any circumstances, assist you at the airport if your documents are not valid.
  • In case of incoming students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and some African countries, the visa authorization letter will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Thailand, not by AIT, and dispatched to the respective Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate via diplomatic channel. The visa authorization will normally be approved 2-3 weeks after issuance of the Certificate of Admission.
    Note: All applicants must have a Personal or Ordinary Passport (not the Official Passport or Diplomat Passport) when applying for an "Educational Visa (ED)" from Thailand Embassy in your home country to study at AIT.


  1. b) Medical Report
  • You must submit satisfactory physical and mental health report, prepared by a qualified physician, and written in English.
  • Please ensure that the certificate of health reflects your true medical condition. Making false statements or concealing information regarding your medical condition will make you liable for all expenses to be incurred in case medical treatment will be required during your stay in AIT and is also a ground for dismissal from the Institute.

    Note: Certificate of Health must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to enrollment.

The AIT Student Union (SU) normally sends AIT student representatives to meet incoming new students at the arrival area of the international airport in Bangkok and arrange for travel to AIT during the arrival period prior to the start of the semester.  To avail of this service, please send your arrival details to and

  • Public bus transports, taxis, and airport limousines are also available from the airport to AIT. In case your arrival is not within the arrival period, you are advised to take an airport taxi to AIT. Taxi fare ranges from Baht 500 to 800. The travel from the airport to AIT is about an hour. Please inform the airport booking counter or the Taxi driver to go to "AIT-Thammasat, Rangsit".
  • For directions on transportation to or from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, see below:


  1. Accommodation
  • Instructions for Allocating Accommodation to New Students
  • Please contact the Accommodation Office (AO) immediately after arrival at AIT campus.
  • Please show a copy of the Offer Letter and Certificate of Admission to AO staff.
  • In case you arrived after 12:00 pm (2400 hrs) in the evening, please ask the AIT security guard to bring you to the AIT Conference Center (AITCC ) where temporary accommodation for the evening can be secured. One night rent at AITCC Main Wing is about a Baht 1,200 for single bed or about Baht 1,400 for double bed (with 25% discount for students, VAT included but no breakfast). Note that prices at AITCC are subject to change.
  • All incoming students are encouraged to reside on or near the Institute’s campus to benefit from the experience of international living.
  • However, on-campus accommodation is limited. When accommodation is not available on-campus, you may choose to live off-campus which can be facilitated by the Accommodation Office.
  • Students, who are married and wish to bring their families to AIT, need to submit a copy of marriage certificate or evidence to support the marital status and copy of passport. Please be advised that no spouse or family member is allowed on-campus accommodation until availability of married unit has been confirmed in writing by the Accommodation Office. Please also note that under Thai Immigration Laws, no dependents of Non-Thai AIT students are permitted to work outside AIT under a dependent (Category O) visa.
  • On-campus accommodation rent is charged on a monthly basis to be paid at the beginning of each month. Deposit equivalent to one-month standard rent is also charged at the beginning of the first month of study and will be refunded in full or partial amount after submission of financial clearance from campus accommodation obligations. For further inquiries, please contact the Accommodation Office at:

(ii) Medical Insurance

All new students are required to take standard medical insurance.

Details:  Medical Insurance

Form: Please fill this   Medical Insurance Form 

  • ii) Medical Insurance
    • All new students are required to take standard medical insurance. The details are in
    • The standard plan covers certain costs of hospitalization, outpatient treatment, dental and personal accident but not major medical expenses.
    • Approximately Baht 1,250 is the initial premium for the August semester intake (for 5 months), to be renewed in January semester of the following year; for students studying in January and August semesters, the annual premium is approximately Baht 2,500.
    • Students receiving AIT scholarships must consult the Admissions and Scholarships unit if their donors have provision for such.
    • The Institute accepts no responsibility for any medical expense on or off campus in the case of student's spouses, children or other relatives.
    • Please fill up the Medical Insurance Application Form (insert link). Students who may want upgraded benefits may avail of other options provided by the insurance company at additional costs. A table of the options for upgraded medical insurance is also available at the Student Welfare Unit.

Notes to Students on Fellowships/Scholarships:

  • Students on AIT scholarship must note that the conditions of the award are not negotiable. The scholarship bursary is only a contribution towards the cost of books, food and miscellaneous expenses. Thus, some students may find it necessary to supplement this allowance from their own funds. The bursary is provided about two weeks after registration. Scholarship recipients are therefore advised to bring personal funds of at least US$ 100 to cover the expenses for the first two weeks at AIT.
  • Students on other funding categories (Self-Support, Externally Supported/ Sponsored)

(i)    The certified and signed Financial Assurance Form with additional certification or evidence of financial support must be submitted to AIT as part of the documents required for enrolment. You will not be allowed to register for enrolment if these documents are missing.

(ii)    In accepting the offer, the first semester fees must be paid prior to your arrival at AIT. The deadline for advanced payment is during the orientation day or the first day of the semester, otherwise, registration will not be allowed. Late payment is subject to a 1.5% per month interest penalty.

(iii)   Tuition and fees are charged per semester (12 credits) and fixed in Thai currency (Baht). However, for convenience, payment can also be made in US Dollars at a rate that is quoted in advance for each semester and valid for the duration of that semester. Though the amount in Thai Baht is fixed during the duration of the study program, the equivalent amount in US Dollars may change in subsequent semesters. Students are free to choose to pay in either Thai Baht or USD currency.

(iv)    With regard to bank remittance or bank transfer, please indicate the details in the bank advice to facilitate identification of the payment so that it can be recorded immediately in the AIT accounting system. Please visit the AIT admissions website for updates or announcements on payment policies and study fees (Payments). For further enquiry on payment, you may also contact AIT Finance Dept. Tel. no. (66-2) 524-5055 (E-mail:

(iii) Opening a Bank Account

There is a local bank near campus, Kasikorn Bank. A minimum fee deposit of about Baht 500 is required to open a savings account and another Baht 650 for a Debit Card.

(iv) Children’s Education

The AIT International School teaches children up to grade 6. Students' children will, however, be admitted only if the concerned parent has a written permission for the children to be with him/her on campus. Children of students can avail of 50% subsidy for their children’s education. For more details on the AIT International School, please visit their website  

(v) Climate

The climate of Thailand is generally hot and humid. The hottest months are March and April, and the rainy season is from May to October.


New students are required to attend the following events to be properly oriented with the life in AIT

Accommodation Allocation

  • Allocation Details
31 July 2020 AIT Conference Center Lobby
Institute-wide Orientation

3 August 2020 Robert B Banks Auditorium
Schools' Orientation

  • Program Schedule
7 to 10 August 2020 Respective Schools

Welcome Info Session

Welcome Info Session with Office of Student Affairs (OSA) on 21 August 2020, Milton E. Bender Auditorium, AIT Extension Building

Student Union Activities

New students are also encouraged to participate in the following welcome activities prepared by the Student Union

Date Events Committee Venue
21 August 2020 Welcome Party SU Accommodation AIT Conference Center
21 August 2020 Welcome Night SU Asset and Recreation SU Cafe
28 August 2020 Welcome Movie SU Film & Entertainment Milton E Bender Auditorium
29 August 2020 Welcome Trip SU Leisure Safari World
14 September 2020 Welcome Sports SU Sports AIT Main Ground