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>> AIT remains committed to continue its mission of providing quality education relevant to the region and the world. Without missing a beat, AIT has successfully moved to online classes and exams for the balance of this Semester since 18 March right after the government announcement of the school closure. AIT remains operational, and most of the AIT staff are working from home to provide support to our students and the community. AIT is continuing to make admissions offers to our applicants, and we are looking forward to welcoming all students to Thailand and on campus at the Asian Institute of Technology (AlT) in August. However, if the COVID-19 crisis persists, any admitted student who is not able to come to our AIT campus will be able to start the August Semester seamlessly online through interactive online classes supported by AIT’s new Hybrid Instruction system. Admission to AIT is open. Apply Here.

>> The Thai government declared its state of emergency between March 26 and May 31. AIT remains operational, but only mission-essential services are available on campus. Our current students are learning without face-to-face contact with lecturers and classmates. Also, there is a taskforce set up since January to handle the COVID-19 related issues. If you need information after accepting the offer, kindly visit Guidelines for Applicants who were Offered Admission and it will guide you step-by-step to join us at AIT. We once again thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Please email the Admissions Office at and CC.


For any student not able to start the August semester on AIT campus, AIT will conduct parallel Interactive Online classes.
No, every student is treated the same; only academic qualification and English proficiency is evaluated to make offers.
Yes, you can pay online. For payment instructions, Click here.
Yes, If you can't come to the AIT campus, AIT will offer online classes and access to its Online Learning Environment including online library, course materials and more.
Yes, the Medical Center operates daily and the emergency contact is 0-2524-5555.
AIT has prepared to conduct examinations online; and yes we will provide detailed information and training to students for online exams.
All students not able to come to AIT in August will start the semester via interactive online classes. There shall be no delay in your education.
Yes, AIT will have an orientation for all students that can come to campus. Students not at campus will get an interactive online orientation.